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September 25, 2019

After the Fall: A Letter to Humanity from Mother of Creation.

Dearest Humanity,

To begin, this is not a smearing or a disciplinary action. I am not here to shame you for our behavior, but rather to love you and lend spiritual support. My hope is to share divine wisdom in a way that makes sense and empowers us to see within, our own inherent goodness. To remind us, loneliness and separation are temporary and will subside when we find our way home. We all have a home and it is with me, our Divine Mother.

The Divine Feminine and Masculine have returned, both are here now– open arms, open heart; ready to embrace each other and humanity, in all our imperfections, vulnerability and tears. The masculine no longer needs to man up. The feminine no longer needs to stay quiet. Both have work to do and love to share. The separation between us in an illusion–it is time to wake up to our individual and unified magnificence. Our reunification is happening now, within all of us.

I understand some of us are angry, closed and hurting– the desire for fight or flight is a human imposed consciousness epidemic, everyone is experiencing. We are all hurting and we hurt each other because of it. To remedy this, is to remedy the world. What we do in light of this knowledge will have a direct effect on climate change, the largest existential threat mankind has yet to face. If we do nothing, the end is near. This is a spiritual mission of the utmost importance, if we choose to accept. We must choose.

Our Mother is calling us to step into our greatness and stand up to meet our destiny. We are not here by accident. Every ounce of you, matters.

Right now, today, this instant, we need all hands on deck. I assure you, we all have what it takes to heal our Mother and ourselves. We must ALL look– above, below, within, without– we must all show up and not only see, but also recognize our fullest potential. This is not a drill, we must notice what is happening now.

Today we create a new paradigm. A model for a world where divine masculinity and divine femininity come together in partnership, each of us receiving and sharing according to our souls highest capacity. Every soul has a purpose and is loved equally by our Creator– our compassion for each other is the most powerful tool we have. We find compassion for each other by finding compassion for ourselves. Being in every moment fully and with compassion is what matters.

“Having compassion starts and ends with having compassion for all those unwanted parts of ourselves, all those imperfections we don’t even want to look at.” ~ Pema Chodron

It is imperative everyone reading this take pause for a moment and connect with the truth of what I am about to say.

You are loved. Creation loves you. We are all Creators and what we create, we will have.Our Mother needs us to create peace and love.

I don’t care if we are toxic or wholly our divine self, masculine or feminine. Even the worst of us, alongside the best, are loved. All of us are loved by the Mother of Creation and we are all creating right now, mother, father or not.

There is not one other person like you or me and we are all apart of the dance of life, a piece of the divine puzzle, we all have a role to play.

You are loved. We are the same. I am a creator, as are you. We are creating our reality.

What are we creating? Our world is on fire.

Sometimes love is tough and we have to work hard at it. It’s easier to hate and fear, especially for the masculine among us. Our innate masculine goodness covered up through societies programming and teachings to be tough and war-filled; taught to hide emotions and also fear and punish them. The idea that men must fight for what they desire is a lie thousands of generations have sold us in hope we would never question authority.

The truth, even if concealed– there is no sustainable place for aggression, in the world we are creating today, this moment. The world all women are co-creating with our divine masculine counterparts, the world we need to save for our children.

The long and short– we all have to see and recognize our flaws, identify our toxicity, admit to ourselves our least favorable qualities. We don’t need to shout them from the rooftops, we just have to be honest with ourselves and our creator. It is hard to see and change where we are failing ourselves but this is the point of life. To learn and grow and change. Greta Thunberg speaks to us about this, with tears in her eyes. She sees us too.

What we see, we can change or exemplify. This is the spiritual significance of climate change. As above, so below. We, humanity, is causing this. You, me, he, she, us.

We as individuals and the collective have to be brave enough to look deep within ourselves and identify the barriers we have built against receiving the love of our Creator, through love we share with each other. We must find it in our hearts and souls to be grateful for what we have been given and make the necessary changes so to sustain it for generations to come. Change is an organic necessity, if we are to survive and thrive in the future.

We all have flaws and it is within those flaws that we will find love for ourselves, when we take the small steps necessary to change that which we see in ourselves. Love for ourselves is essential when loving another– to truly be seen by another and loved anyway is the foundation humanity needs to feel the love we all have hidden within. Some love is hidden deeper than others. It is through unconditionally loving the other, all others, that will save the world.

It is important we all understand, women and men come from the same source, and while we may consciously fight the reality of this fact: we all come from our Divine Mother and we are all the same.

Mother comes before child, female and male, both. All babies are first female–this is a fact. One that will significantly serve our spiritual growth and help us attain the divinity within, if we can wrap our minds around it. Everything we are capable, begins in our minds.

“As above, so below, as within so without, as the Universe, so is the the Soul.” ~ Hermes Trismegistus

In the spiritual creation of mankind, women come from men. Eve came from the rib of Adam. As above, so below. At the earliest part of every human life all males are female. Every man alive was once the full potential of the female, in essence, a mother. As within, so without.

The paradoxical nature of these two alternate realities illuminates the spiritual and physical truth: women and men are the same, one from the other, other from the one– we are equal. It is not just, nor is it the creators intention to declare one right over the other. We are both relevant. As the Universe, so the Soul. One is red, the other is white.

While it is true the road we have taken to get where we are now was laced with misunderstanding and aggression between sexes; we as individuals and a collective have what it takes to stop right now, taking the time to fully comprehend– we are all wounded.

And, if by chance we are focused on highlighting someone else’s wound we are not paying attention to our own. This is where we are missing the mark and is the beginning of the big work to save humanity. Men do not want us to fix them or help them get better. What men want and need is for women to love them, and to allow them to make mistakes. The divine masculine is here, and he is in every man and boy, he is seeking his soul. The divine feminine is here to lead him there by example, not our direction. Women must first find their soul, before seeking the soul of a man to accompany her. Let us stop trying to fix each other and heal ourselves first.

The past is in the past, and what lies ahead is the future of our making. We are in control of our destiny, you, me, he, she, us. What we do now, will reverberate for centuries to come.

I write this for the purpose of reminding the feminine and masculine both, women, girls, men and boys where you are now and from whence you came, is completely up to you. What you believe is relative to you. The miracles we seek are the miracles we create for ourselves. Miracles are real and humans, not our creator, make them. This means we all have the ability to create miracles. Me, you, he, she, we are all creators and can create miracles or we can create destruction. Our actions are our choice. This is the big work.

“A woman’s highest calling is to lead man to his soul, so as to unite him with his Source. A man’s highest calling is to protect woman so she is free to walk the earth unharmed.” ~ Cherokee Proverb 

Speaking now to the feminine who love the masculine–men desperately need women’s love to heal the depths of despair society has imprinted upon them, at no fault of their own. We must lend mercy to them and allow them to correct their mistakes. We must forgive them. Compassion and understanding are the only way to see ourselves out of the mess our ancestors created. The only way out is through.

Let us all work on putting more effort into seeing our personal corrections and errors and doing what it takes to understand we are ALL flawed. Let us lend mercy to our neighbors for their flaws and make a conscious agreement with humanity that we will love ourselves, for ourselves. We also know we are all inherently good and have the ability to stand like wood when drama and that which is not real, attempts to sway us differently. We know truth from fiction. We all have an intuition. Let us cultivate and use it for the benefit of humanity.

And please, while we all work this out, remember we are all a divine source of light, one that is desperately needed on the earth at this time. We all came from a mother’s womb and we will enter her womb again, we are here now and our Mother needs our protection. We are one, you and me. I am your mother and you are my son; you are my father, I am your daughter, we are both student and teacher, brother and sister, masculine and feminine, one from the other, other from the One..

Our Creator needs us to please wake up now.

We are safe, please return to me. Me being you and you being me, forever One we will always be.

Love, Mother of Creation

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