September 25, 2019

Goodbye until Next Time, my Love. {Poem}

Do you remember
The laughs, the smile, the way your dimples made me dance
You made me alive again with your special love
I never loved as I did you.

Do you remember how we danced so silly til the wee hours and laughed til we cried
I could have moved mountains with this love, your love, dear.

Do you remember this
When we both said the same thing at once and chuckled
I used to wonder if we were ever apart
That this would still occur.

Do you remember when I held you so tight,
That our broken souls healed for that one moment
I remember the pain when we were through
Pain so hard, breathing became unimaginable.

Do you remember when I first said, I love you
When I said I could never love anyone ever again, as you
Do you remember when I said I’d never let you go
Do you remember this?

Here I am now, missing these moments, the times, and nights our hearts danced
The days when we held each other like innocent children, loving like only broken souls could.

The days when we both cried for our own pain
The days of crying for your pain
The days of never letting go.

I remember this. I remember all of it. Shall we meet next time as children, unbroken children.


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Read 1 comment and reply

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