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September 5, 2019

Where is your Vegan Activism Now?


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Here’s why your vegan activism smells like cowsh*t to me.

Do you really care if it’s not connected to promoting your lifestyle and finger-wagging at others?

When Bolsonaro was elected, I posted a bunch about it. On Facebook. Here. This dude is bad news. Oh, and if you’re wondering why many Brazilians aren’t too vocal, it’s because people get murdered regularly for their political opinions there. Let’s just all keep that in mind.⁣ (I mean black people still get murdered in the United States by police brutality but I don’t see too many vegan activist taking that on…)

Many of us knew exactly what was going to happen with the Amazon (there were articles written last year about this exact topic). The man ran a campaign that made Donald Trump look modest. (Side note: Bolsonaro told another lawmaker that she wasn’t worth raping.) ⁣

But the unspoken thing was that seizing indigenous land was always on the table. Always. It wasn’t even whispered about. It was blatant. Loud, even.⁣

The man has been president for a year. The land seizing started before now. The fires are the peak of it. What were your favorite vegan activism accounts posting back then? Were any talking about Bolsonaro—at all? Using international power to shed light on the issue?⁣

If you are just getting involved in the conversation right now, jolly good time for you to show up when it’s time to point fingers at those who aren’t vegan.


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A post shared by Aja Barber (@ajabarber) on

Did you truly care about indigenous land being seized before you could tie it to your vegan lifestyle and moral superiority? Would this actually interest you if it weren’t 150 percent self-serving (oh yes, the lungs of our planet are on fire and yeah that’s gonna hurt all of us).

Is your favorite vegan activism account posting about other indigenous land being seized (Keystone Pipeline is a great example, but @lilnativeboy speaks to all of this regularly).

Where is your vegan activism when it comes to helping all indigenous people? Where are the vegan activists when it comes to racist redlining which keeps black neighborhoods as food deserts?

Where is your activism? Where is your activism when you can’t tie it to animals?⁣

I think we all know the answer here.


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