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October 19, 2019

Do you ever think of me?

Yes, I still think about you!

If I were to go into detail, I can almost guarantee everyone would deem me crazy, including you! Even though it has been a while since we fizzled out, I still feel your energy all around me! Our connection was fire wasn’t it?

Sometimes I think maybe we burned too hot. Other times I wish I could just hate you, but I simply cannot! Even though we’ve moved on my soul still searches for you in every man I meet. Am I crazy for still loving you this way? For loving you at all?

It’s true we never put a label on us but damn that connection! Maybe that is why it feels so wrong to let go?! Because all we were was an almost?!?!

The way your fingers caressed my back. Your lips against mine! Your arms were my security blanket your heart beat calmed my every fear! Plain and simple you were “home.”

You were never an obsession of mine nor a possession for my pride. You showed me my soul, and, in the process, I fell in love! Does this paint the picture clearer?

I would never tie you down you’re more beautiful when you’re free! Let your heart and soul shine and when your ready please tell me….

Do you ever think of me?


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