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October 29, 2019

Ponder the values of life together

What makes a person’s worth in the community depend primarily on how much his emotions, thoughts, and actions can help the other’s existence. It is a broader and deeper issue.

When analyzed as distinct values, each value in life is perceived and developed in a more appropriate way.

On the other hand, when we see the combined nature of many different values ​​in our lives, we will have a more comprehensive awareness, not too much emphasis on certain values ​​nor missed opportunities. develop other values ​​that we really need.


Material value

Materiality is the most prominent prominent value in life. Matter is always attached and essential for our survival. From the food we use every day to clothes, utensils, vehicles … everything is a material value.

The material value for us is first of all the value to use. We need food to eat, clothes to wear, houses to take shelter to avoid the sun and rain … As human civilization grows, our lives have more complex needs, more sophisticated, such as aesthetic needs, art, entertainment … in general, the corresponding material values ​​are also used to meet these needs, such as paintings, musical instruments, movies … However, by intelligence, people realize that after satisfying their needs in the present, one can also accumulate material to use for the same needs in future. And so, in addition to direct use values, physical values ​​also begin to be converted into cumulative values.

Human money creates and assigns conventional values ​​to make it easier and more convenient to use all material values. Therefore, money itself is not a direct usable value. We have to convert money into the physical value we need to be able to use it, such as using money to buy food, clothing, items … However, the universal nature of Money has given it ever more powerful powers in materialized civilized societies. When people have a lot of money in hand, most people can get whatever they want, can even rely on that power to bribe, to make others …

Material values ​​can be an effective means to help us lead a good life or to do meaningful things, but they themselves cannot be the ultimate meaning of the life we ​​are seeking. Therefore, none of us denies the positive effects of material values, but in what way can we use material values ​​to truly benefit ourselves? We and others seem to always be part of our lesson in being human.


Knowledge value

Over time, each of us accumulates a certain amount of knowledge in our lives. Knowledge helps us to understand things that happen in life and thus can solve things in the way we think is most appropriate. Thus, knowledge contributes to the decision of our conduct, and the right, appropriate conduct will help our lives be better. Therefore, knowledge is one of the very useful values ​​for life.


The value of knowledge, though not as specifically measured as physical values, is easily recognizable, because it is expressed through our behavior, and that expression can always be seen by people. different around us clearly aware. And to a certain extent, the knowledge received through the conventional training system of society is usually determined by the system of degrees and degrees. Therefore, knowledge often develops in association with life experiences, not merely theories that are identified through books.


Each person’s perception of knowledge value is not the same. There are people who are always hungry for new knowledge, always pursuing learning in any form. Others are content with what they already know, considering it an acceptable standard, and therefore it is not necessary to take extra effort to continue learning. In that case, these people often miss many opportunities to improve themselves, just because they do not fully realize the importance of the value of knowledge in life.


Health value

Normally, health is a value that we rarely care about, even though it is an extremely important value that directly affects our lives. This lack of interest for a very simple reason, because most of us always consider being healthy is only natural and too common, so only when we are “ill health”, that is, then we feel concerned. But such an interest in that way is unreasonable and also very often when it becomes too late.

In developed countries, in health protection measures, the regulations on periodic health checks are always respected. People do not wait until they are sick to see a doctor. Depending on the health status of each person, the doctor usually has a clear indication of the time he or she should go to see a doctor, regardless of whether or not there is a disease. Regular health checkups help us find out promptly when health problems arise, instead of waiting for these problems to turn into pathologies before thinking about treatment.

Our body is not simply a machine, but a much more complex living entity. If we do not pay attention to training and protecting our health properly, we cannot maintain our existing health in the best way possible.

The health of each of us is an exceptionally valuable value. Health directly governs our lives. We cannot live comfortably and happily with a sickly body. Nor can we enjoy life when our health does not allow us to do what we want. When you have good health, you will find it refreshing and easy to have positive optimism. On the contrary, when health declines, we always tend to be passive and see life with a pessimistic, gloomy color. Therefore, health is clearly an important value that contributes to our lives, whether we are aware of it or not.

Maintaining a good health is always one of the important factors to help us have an optimistic life and love life, helping us to be able to live more effectively for ourselves and others. And it is thanks to those that we can more easily realize the true meaning of life.

Value of the time

We often hear statements like “time is gold”, and most of us admit that the preciousness of time is priceless, cannot be exchanged for any material value.

However, if we do not choose for ourselves a good way of life, we will be very easy to fall into situations where looking back suddenly feels like our lost time is completely worthless! That is when many days, months, years … just go away but we do not see any positive change in ourselves, do not accumulate any more capital of knowledge or religious value, virtue, and because of that, we feel like our time has passed.

The value of time is a value equally divided among all of us. Each of us has the same time fund, 12 months a year, 30 days a month and 24 hours a day … How to use that time fund, aim for whatever purpose and will actually achieving what is largely up to us.


Value of life experience

Over the years in life, in addition to developing knowledge, we also accumulate life experiences. Every situation we have experienced or every particular event has given us certain experiences, which help us to gain a deeper understanding of life, not only through the theories we have learned, but also through laws that operate in practice.

Life experiences are unique values ​​of each person, accumulated from the capital of life, from the experience of oneself. Life experience helps us to exploit and better apply other values ​​in life. Life experience also helps us to correct deviations in knowledge or perception and make other values ​​really useful in life.


Value of love

Some people may find it a bit strange to talk about love as a value in life. However, considering the true contribution of each of us to life, the recognition of this value is also indispensable.


Even though everyone has the ability to love, not all of us have the same ability to love, and it is not natural to have it. This is a value accumulated over time, thanks to the training, cultivation as well as the impact from the living environment. Those who live in an environment without encouragement and nurturing love are very likely to become dry, less emotional people. On the other hand, if you live in an environment filled with the love and concern of others, you will easily develop your own ability to love.

Many people do not recognize the value of the contribution of love in life. There are even people who are pessimistic to believe that living with open love is just values. Actually not at all. At first glance, it seems that loving dealings with others often bring about material disadvantages for ourselves. But that’s just a narrow, inaccurate view.

Our social environment is always an interactive environment in which the behavior of each person is also a factor contributing to the formation of the behavior of others. In particular, how you decide to behave with a person is first and foremost influenced by that person’s conduct towards you. And if you treat someone in a good way, you are contributing to a positive response from that person to you.

Therefore, after all, love is an extremely effective catalyst for people to behave better together, and this will certainly always bring great benefits to life, not only for ourselves but also for those around us.


The value of social relations

If we reflect on our own lives and efforts, we will soon realize that most of our activities and desires are related to the existence of others. We realize that, as a species, we are like the animals that live in groups. We eat the food that others grow, wear clothes that others sew, live in other people’s homes.

Most of what we understand and believe in is presented to us through one language, which is also created by others. Without language, our ability to think would be very limited – only equivalent to high-class animals; so we must admit that, in order for us to be better than animals, we must first be indebted to living in the human community.

An individual left alone from birth will have wild thoughts and feelings like animals, which are hard to imagine. So, the identity and meaning of an individual is that he is not a single being but a member of a large community of people, one that leads the material life and his spirit from birth to death.

What makes a person’s worth in the community depend firstly on how much his emotions, thoughts and actions can help the other’s existence. Depending on his attitude in this relationship we can judge whether he is good or bad. At first glance it seems that only the social qualities of a person are the norm for judgments about him.


Ethical values

Ethics is a familiar concept to most of us, but it is a somewhat ambiguous, not completely clear concept. Ethical criteria and standards are often not the same in different cultures, different social communities. Moreover, in every social community, the moral awareness of each individual is not entirely the same, because this often depends on the family background, education, beliefs … has received since childhood.

When cultivating good qualities to become a moral person, we do not aim to be praised and respected by others. But that is almost certainly an outcome when you can actually live up to the socially accepted ethical standards.

Therefore, the moral value of each individual is both a value recognized by others and a value that manifests itself. When you come in contact with a kind-hearted person, you can easily feel this good quality reflected in your speech or behavior, but at the same time you can identify it. This value is expressed by the love and respect that people around him have for that person.

Moral values ​​not only affect individuals, but also have strong power to spread to those around them. In any social community, once the moral values ​​are respected and followed by many people, it will surely be transformed into a better and better way.


Success is not the destination

Success is not the destination. Value of yourself for life, for society is the real destination. Understanding this, you will find life in peace and happiness. Because we do not have a standard concept of success, so always try to improve yourself day by day, that’s part of the path to true success.


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