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October 19, 2019

Soulmates vs. Twin Flame

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of soulmates. Have you ever heard of a twin flame? It’s okay if you haven’t, we are going to discuss this topic on a soul level. Soulmates and Twin Flames are both magical and beautiful! However, they are two very different entities. Many get them confused because of their similarities. Buckle up for the mind-blowing truth.

We’ll start with soulmates. A soulmate is thought to be your one true love: WRONG! Anyone can be a soulmate from a friend to a family member hell even a co-worker. Soulmates vibe on the same frequency and share common interests. Sure, a soulmate will look out for you and you may even love one another but soulmate love doesn’t always last. A lot of ego is involved. A level of ego that cannot always be broken through. This is why many “deep” and “soulful” connections are lost. Your soulmate is typically a lower level guide. Think of it as a video game with 100 levels. Your soulmate(s) lead you through levels 1-50. Following along?

Great we’re halfway there! Then comes along your Twin Flame! Maybe you’ve seen them before, maybe not, maybe it’s someone you used to know. All that is real is the very moment your eyes meet your soul awakens. You feel like you’ve known them forever! Do you know why? Because they are your souls true love! Your souls share a history only the souls know and you are finally “home!” Only problem is the history comes to the surface and stirs up the ego. The mirror effect Twin Flames have on one another is treacherous but beautiful! The “mirror” shine who we truly are and we awaken! Sometimes twins awaken together sometimes apart but the unconditional love never fades! Your twin flame will excel you to level 99! Why only to 99? Because only when we’re both truly healed and matured enough for this level of love can we reach 100: ascension! Heaven on earth!

You see soulmates and twin flames are similar but oh so different. Both assist us in leveling up but only a twin flame can awaken their counterpart! Soulmates journey on and it doesn’t hurt us when they leave, the pain from a twin flame separation is unbearable! Remember a soulmate can be anyone but a twin flame is the one! The soul connection can never be broken among twin flames. Trust me you’ll know the difference once you’ve met your twin! Soulmates break apart, twin flames break one another open!

So, in closing I hope you find comfort in this truth! There’s so many different versions of soulmates and twin flames. I never heard of twin flames until I met mine! Now when I hear soulmates and twin flames being mixed up, I chuckle because it is coming from someone with incorrect knowledge. Whether it be someone coaching on twin flames or someone longing for the twin flame connection the information is inaccurate. Twin Flames will know what I am saying and agree that the best advice is listen to your intuition. Have you ever loved someone even after they “hurt” you? Confused him/her for a narcissist? Still forgiven them after they “abandoned” you? Woken up to a level of reality and spirituality that you cannot explain? Ever felt like maybe you’ve gone crazy? Well my friend you just may have been sparked by your twin flame! Enjoy the journey!

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