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December 4, 2019

How Do You Measure Success?

Why does success is measured by what you own? The titles you have? Your material possessions? Why does society reward those who have so much around them but so little inside? And disregard the opposite?

I needed to have it all to realize there was something missing… Everyone around me used to say they were proud of me landing that awesome job in a big company, having a great salary, nicest apartment and perfect relationship. 

That void couldn’t be filled with new clothes, either alcohol, parties nor fancy dinners.

I tried. I did. 

Somehow I started to have glimpses that fulfillment might be elsewhere rather than in a bank account filled with money. Or in a fast car. Or in branded shoes. 

The more I looked outside, the more frustrated I was. Because I was following exactly what I’ve been told. Have a good job, a good salary, a nice house and a good relationship.

While I was holding onto the “perfect life”, I felt respected. Respected by my family, friends and colleagues. My story wasn’t easy but I made it. I nailed it. I filed in the blanks.

I had respect, money and success. But I was empty inside. “Is that all life about? That’s boring AF!”

Eventually, I figured out that life is not an exercise. It’s a game.

Life is a game.

Finally, I understood what Elon Musk said. That we live in a computer simulation. It all made sense!

You can either conform with the norm, do the Matrix exam and get a 10. Do what you’ve been told. Do not think too much. Don’t ask “why’s that?”. You probably will get pretty much everything you want. Also, a good and comfortable life. I know people who are happy with their lives just like that. 

Well, if you’re a seeker like me, the perfect life eventually will have an “expiration date”. 

When you’re due, you’ll realize the game has just begun.

Connecting the dots 

Like in a video game, where you’ve got finish one phase in order to go to the next one, life is no different. 

If you figure out how it works, you’ll accomplish your mission. 

Life has prepared you to be where you are, right now. With all your stories, experiences, relationships. That job that you hated. The dickhead boss. The abusive ex-boyfriend. The debts. The energy vampires. Once you see that every single moment in every single situation was created to help you to be where you are, to shape your personality, life gets easier.

When you remove yourself from the victim of the circumstances, from reactive to whatever life throws at you to proactive, life gets easier.

When you try to learn from your falls, get the message behind them, life gets easier. 

I needed to have it all so that I could perceive that I should’ve left my comfort zone. All the jobs I had, the awful people who crossed my path along the way, my relationships shaped me. SHARPLY. 

They gave me all the strength I needed to leave and abandon what was no longer serving me. They opened my eyes so that I could see that life was way more than drama and problems. They showed me that I have the option to stay and carry on with an empty and unfulfilled life. Or I could simply leave.


If I want positivity, I’ve got act positive

If I want abundance, I’ve got act abundant

If I want love, I’ve got act lovely. 

Scarcity attracts scarcity

Violence attracts violence

Low vibration attracts low vibration.

If you want to change your life once and for all, you need to breathe, feel, imagine and attract that life. 

You’ve got act, research and surround yourself with the ones who will get you closer to that. 

If you want to travel the world, get to know travelers. If you want to set up a company, get to know successful entrepreneurs. 

They will fill your tank with all the motivation you need to take the leap. 

They will show you that there’s no such thing as failure. 

They will tell you how rewarding and joyful life can be once you follow your heart’s call. 

Once you get there, I promise, you’ll never look back.

And your definition of success will change. Forever.

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