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January 10, 2020

Perfection – Why you’ll never achieve it.

We have all heard the saying “well you’re not perfect, so it’s fine” or something along those lines. After a conversation with my father he questioned me and said “what is perfection? And who actually is perfect?”. This left me pondering about this for a few days, why is this term constantly used?

I came to the conclusion that it is something which does not even exist, it is unknown to man, so why are we chasing that which we do not know, because who can we say is perfect? Instead it’s about reclaiming the self to come to a state of gratitude and coming to the realisation that who you are right now in this moment is the most beautiful version of yourself and the best version. You do not need to compare yourself to anyone before or after you as it’s totally irrelavant, just ask yourself daily how can I be better than yesterday and take that next step.

We’ve been programmed as a society to believe if we have not reached a certain point in life by a certain age or time that there must be something wrong with us? When in reality that can blind us from reaching a state of gratitude that allows us to be present in the moment rather than worrying about a non – existent future.

We are trying to reach standards set by others instead of the standards we have set for ourselves. It’s time we grow up and realise to be flawed is normal and we’re supposed to make mistakes!

So if perfection doesn’t exist, what do you do? Here’s my solution:

1) Set yourself a clear and realistic goal, with a time limit that is achievable.
2) Whats the next step? You can’t make drastic jumps all the time , quite often you can add pressure on yourself to do so, instead focus on just taking the next step.
3) Stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone’s starting point is different.
4) Practice being grateful daily, be thankful and find pleasure in the small things. Be thankful for the food you ate today, the clothes you’re wearing, the work you do.
5) Ask yourself how can I be better than yesterday?

It’s You vs You daily.

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