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January 17, 2020

Perspective – It’s all about how you view life.

We’ve all been in that situation where the alarm clock goes off, you wake up and the first thought tends to be “here we go again” or “Ergh, I don’t want to get up”. This mindset is due to your perspective of life and nobody else. Sometimes life is tiring and hard, but how you perceive life is actually up to you. Now there are times where external factors may impact how you think and feel internally. But this is why perspective is very important and how you perceive the day from the second you wake up can be powerful.

Now imagine waking up and thinking “Today is a new day, another day to improve, I will seize the day and make it my own”. A completely different and positive perspective on life, but what does this kind of affirmation to the self do? Well you start the day with the mindset that it is another day to begin again, another day to be improve yourself for yourself, and another day to take the next step to your goal. It’s easier said than done, and it is not something which will give a quick fix or a drastic change. The root to changing a negative perspective is gratitude.

These types of words to the self come from a genuine place when the heart, mind, body and soul are in a state of gratitude. To be in a state of gratitude allows you to be present in the moment and let go of any worries of the past and anxiety about the future. Gratitude changes your perspective of life completely, so now imagine waking up grateful to be alive, this energy given to the self helps to realign the heart, mind, body and soul.

What can you do daily to help change the negative perspective to a positive one?

Practice gratitude everyday. You’re not going to see a quick fix from just doing it the once, you must do it everyday! Even if it is for 5 minutes. Imagine everyday for the next week you spent 5 mins thinking to yourself everything you are thankful and happy for, then imagine doing that everyday for the next month, then everyday for the next year! This new perspective will be different because of you spending those 5 minutes daily, not because of something outside of you. Because when it is manifested from within, the need to rely on something external to you will disappear.

The day is yours, seize it, own it, improve daily and become a better you for yourself.

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