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February 15, 2020

Why share your story

Sharing your story helps many. To some it is an inspiration, to some, it is an example, to others it is guidance.
Mainly it has healing for you yourself. When you pen down what you have gone through in your words you are describing your perspective of the situation. Reading and re-writing what you have written helps you gain either confidence in what your viewpoint is or helps you see the situation in a fresh new light. While you do that you also get to release all that you have been holding on to because of your inability to express or because there is no right person to share it with.  Many a time as you are writing solutions to that situation starts to surface. While writing, you cry, you shout (out loud or in your mind), your thoughts drift to new thoughts and stories and mainly you connect with your inner self and start getting information from there. The information could be solution, revelation, new data, intuition or assurance. Sometimes it helps you connect with the source, divine or a higher power too.  How you feel after writing is all about the honesty and completion of the writing. You could feel heavy or it could make you feel right.  If you are willing to complete the writing regardless of how much time it takes for you to gather the courage, the energy, the time and determination to finish. When you complete you are clear and by now either you have the solution or you are now ready for the solution. For particularly difficult situations it is suggested that you write in a third person. To keep the authenticity address the incident/event/story with your name but in as a third person. You even want to share write up’s where other people are involved. Those are written as case studies and they are addressed with Single letter initials or you could also change the name to keep the confidentiality or maintaining the anonimity. I like to write because of all the above reasons and more. I do this as a marketing and networking strategy to bring to people all over the planet about my work and how my company can be of service to the, It is my constantly upgrading resume.

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