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February 7, 2020

New Year of the Trees ~ Aquarius Full Snow Moon {Ritual}


“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”

― William Shakespeare


Trees are a spiritual phenomenon unlike any other. Trees naturally defy gravity and grow unencumbered towards the heavens– filling our planet with oxygen for all sentient life, providing protection and food for our animal friends and beauty for all the world to see.

Trees are our Mother Earth’s children, raising themselves up, up, up with sunlight as their prime nutrient, the pull of the moon their compass. The only human responsibility–plant the seeds. Our precious feminine planet does the rest.

It is not lost on a mindful soul how many trees we are losing by the day. Mass deforestation– the burning of the Amazon and the brush fires of Australia enough to make any awake human take pause.

The constant yet fleeting omnipresent question passing through our empathetic and intuitive notions– what can we really do to make the impact needed to actually induce the level of movement required to make sustainable change?

According to Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) the full moon in the month of Aquarius is an auspicious day for planting trees in both the upper and lower worlds. The upper worlds representing the dimensions humans cannot see, the lower worlds being what we experience corporeally and with our five senses. As above so below. In the study of Judaism the full moon of Aquarius is called Tu Bishvat or New Year of the Trees.

Kabbalah teaches Tu Bishvat to be a 24 hour moment in time where the cosmos open and we as conscious beings have a unique celestial connection to the world of the inanimate through our animate nature and conscious actions. New Year of the Trees is a day where we can all use the power of our minds to plant seeds in the upper world for the purpose of strengthening and growing more trees in the lower world. It’s a multidimensional leap supported by the universe, its only purpose… trees.

Every year during the Full Snow Moon humanity has a unique opportunity to traverse physicality and our seemingly doom-full situation, through using our conscious minds to create something unseen by others but felt deep in the soul of all plants on earth, primarily trees.

It’s a meditation of sorts that can be done in waking life– all we must do is think and create within our minds the cosmos will do the rest.

This is my seventh year celebrating this day. By any other standards it’s just any other day. But for the trees, it’s their spiritual birthday. I personally don’t have a particular ritual– there are no said or specific prayers, chants or songs. It’s up to us individually and what we feel called to do.

Last year I took a walk in a nearby park and hugged the trees, sat with them, loved on them, talked to them. The year before I made apple cider and ate the seeds one by one; tasting the bitter beginnings with a promise of something gloriously juicy in the future.

In my daily meditation I close my eyes and see within my inner eye, trees growing in areas where they are not, new sprouts with assured growth pushing up through the dark and hard ground reaching and stretching for new experience and new life. It doesn’t matter what we do to honor the trees— it only matters what we plant seeds in both the world we live and the world we so wonderfully ponder.

So maybe, if you are so inspired on this coming Full Snow Moon, take a little time and connect with our most precious resource, trees.Thank them and love them. Celebrate them. They are after all, one of the most precious resources we have.

Happy New Year of the Trees… May we collectively realize the importance and power of planting seeds, both above and below.

Take a few minutes to daydream …


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