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March 19, 2020

The Corona Virus and the Butterfly

In these times of uncertainty remember there is always transformation in the experience.  The butterfly goes into the chrysalis without knowing if she’ll come out the other side.  Her instinct alone drives her inward where she experiences the complete breakdown of self.   The current climate for humanity is requiring us to do just that.  Go within not knowing what will emerge on the other side.   The Corona Virus is forcing us into isolation, it’s creating space and time for us to reflect on what is really important in life.  We have no choice but to adjust and accept our new way of being.  Faith is required.  Trust in the process always.


We are gifted challenges to move us forward even when it seems the world is failing us. Perspective is everything and so is personal choice.   For those who choose to remain aligned or find their inner compass everything will work out fine.  Again, it’s a choice to stand firmly in our power and face everything presenting in life with courage.    The future is not for us to see as it is not yet written.   We are the master creators of our lives and our choices drive the outcomes for us.   Choose wisely my friends.  Choose faith in a positive outcome and seek the light in dark times.


The light is within you.  It is your soul holding a lantern to guide you on your path.  It is your higher self, calling out to you to take notice and tune in.   When we are fully aligned within ourselves and listening to our intuition this is when our life path and purpose is revealed.  The answers do not come when we are in the lower vibrations of fear and survival mode.   They come from balance and inner peace.   We choose how to respond to our circumstances every moment of the day.  Now is the hour to rise and be fearless.  You have weathered every storm in your life, this one is no different.    Many of you have drifted far from home (home being your truth).   You are off course and this situation is providing a needed course correction.


You may feel fragile like the butterfly.  Despite her fragile wings, the butterfly can travel thousands of miles undeterred by weather or storm.   She migrates to the place on Earth calling to her and I encourage you to listen to your soul and do the same.  What does that mean? It means connecting to yourself, finding the reason you are here, the purpose and meaning of your life.  Tune in instead of tuning out.  Be present and pay attention to the signs!  You have bought into the false believe that you must achieve something to be of value to the world.  You are wrong!  Value and worth are inherent and gifted when you are born.  Each of you possess unique abilities and talents that have nothing to do with achievement.  This is the wake-up call for those of you ready to shift into a higher state of being.   You have weathered every storm to this moment in time and you will continue to endure.


Find yourself and come back to center.  Pause and turn the lens on yourself.   Become aware of your behaviors and patterns in life.  Have they supported your core values and truth? Look to the shadows, the things you are avoiding and numbing.  The shadow work is the like the chrysalis phase.  It’s gooey and messy and reduces you to nothing.  It’s the breakdown before the transformation.  Doing the shadow work is where you find the key to your happiness.   It’s dark and uncomfortable there (which is why you have avoided this aspect of you for so long).   Get curious and ask yourself, what’s my story?  The story drives behavior and lifestyle choices.  We are defined by our story and have the battle scars and wounds to prove it.  Perhaps it’s time to reflect and begin the healing process.  You’ve got nothing but time now.


The only way out is to go within.  What does this mean?  It means silence the mind.  The incessant chatter and fear driven programming must stop.  The negative comments you pour into your heart all day and night are pouring round up on your soul.  It’s time to pour love into yourselves.  Forgive yourself for your past, for you are not your past, your history brought you to this now moment.   You would not be your magnificent self without your life experience.   Although it’s uncomfortable to be alone with your story, the longer you can sit with the feelings the more you will heal.   Our instinct is to run at first, instead pause, breathe, be present to your feelings.


The butterfly in the photo above landed at my feet flapping her beautiful wings for a very long time.  This brought me to a moment of presence and reflection.   She reminded me to stop and be marvel at her beauty. This information came to me immediately after I got home.  During these troubled times you will be emotionally challenged.  Remember that not every transformation looks good from the outside.  Things may crumble, you may lose something precious to you, but the Universe may be conspiring for you.  This may be the moment you are pushed into the chrysalis stage.   Know that everything is possible and focus on the wonder of transformation.  Who knows, you may be turning into a butterfly and urged to spread your wings and fly.


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