April 22, 2020

COVID-19 is a Wake-Up Call that we’ve been Abusing Ourselves.

Elephant’s Continually updating Coronavirus Diary. ~ Waylon


Everything in Nature, including humans, is made up of both masculine and feminine energy.

When we talk about “sacred feminine and sacred masculine,” we don’t mean gender. We are talking about the yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies that make up all life, our very nature. Men and women are made up of both energies.

Currently, Mother Earth is reclaiming her power. Feminine energy. We are being asked to rest, to reflect, to turn inward and heal. These are yin energy qualities.

At the same time, the masculine has long been wounded. For many generations, we have been a society of “doing,” “building,” “action,” with little reflection. A masculine society.

The consequences have been devastating to the Earth, and thereby our health. High stress levels and chronic disease in people, animals, and the environment. It is all interconnected. We all mirror each other.

With COVID-19, we are now forced into a time of reflection and healing (yin/feminine). Our Earth is doing the same. This is no coincidence. We are intertwined.

The yang (masculine) energy has been abused for many generations. Overworked, overwhelmed, and unbalanced. We have been a masculine society in the West and most of the world. Always thinking and rarely feeling. Making work and stress glamorous, with emotions looked upon as weak and useless. The busier we are, the more important we must be. Never stopping to reflect and question what we’re doing or what our purpose may be, while ignoring our emotions.

We have all been guilty of abusing the environment, and ourselves.

Change is critical.

At the same time, there must be forgiveness in order to heal. If we wish to move forward in a healthy way, we must accept that we have committed these abuses on ourselves and the environment. Allow ourselves to hurt, feel shame, and guilt. Then we choose to be better. Choose to change.

Forgiveness is key to healing.

We notice now in this time of reflection, many old stories and traumas coming into our awareness. Things we could forget while we busied ourselves with work. Without those distractions now, we must deal with what we’ve been avoiding.

First, awareness requires bravery. We must be brave to accept our faults, our mistakes, and the mistakes of others. It can be painful. The truth is, the pain has been there the entire time. We’ve just been muting it with noise, distractions, and addictions (food, television, work).

Accepting the truth means feeling the pain of it. The pain is temporary, but we must acknowledge it. It needs to be heard. Then forgiveness, which requires compassion. In order for us all to truly heal, we must forgive the mistakes we’ve made. This is no small task, but with an open heart it can be done. It’s the healed way forward.

As we see the damaged environment (the sacred feminine) disrespected, we also see the sun (sacred masculine) overactive, burning our skin, the trees, overheating the Earth.

Our behavior and relationships echo these themes. Suddenly, we are needing to be forgiven or forgive transgressions. Suddenly, we are remembering traumas and events.

It’s the time we are in. A time of great balancing. A time of reclaiming the sacred feminine and forgiving the sacred masculine in order to heal. Here, we recognize we are not in control and we must go with the flow of what unfolds. We need to remain vigilant now, noticing our old habits, and choosing something new.

This is a time to live mindfully, with awareness and acceptance.

The only time that truly matters is the present moment.

Let’s make the most of each moment, step by step, choice by choice, breath by breath, healing our way forward. Healing is change.

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