April 7, 2020

April’s Full “Pink” Moon in Libra Illuminates our Need for Balance & Harmony.

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The fullness of tonight’s full moon in Libra has already been felt by some the last few days.

As with most full moons, some energetically sensitive souls can feel the buildup of emotion a few days, or even a week, before the moon reaches fullness. (This is when you can see the moon best, between April 7th and 8th, based on your timezone.)

This full moon, also referred to as a pink moon, has held an extra interesting leverage over the very sensitive world we are all living in now, huddled in our own homes, stirring the pot of our own emotional cauldrons. Emotions have been on high alert these last few weeks, even months, as the chaos of our world spins on its axis. No full moon could ever really amplify so collectively, so strongly what is already being felt.

It’s almost as if we have had a full moon and mercury retrograde hitting us for days, weeks, and months. This energy is real, and its implications come from other astrological occurrences for the year 2020.

This year started off with an astrological bang with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Saturn, the planet of karma, responsibility, resistance, structures, discipline, the rules, and hard work, came in close “contact” with Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth, transformation, and the underworld subconscious terrain.

In laymen’s terms, the planet of structures and the planet of death mapped out a total upheaval of our worldly structures at large. A collective rebirth of the “system.” Of humanity. Of our previous sense of order.

This happened on January 12, 2020. But, the effects weren’t felt, seen, or really noticed even until about a month or so ago, when the COVID-19 virus swept the world with literal death, fear, and a restriction of our personal freedoms, threatening global economical structures of security and changing the “rules” of the game.

Some may say astrology is pseudo-science, and I am not here to prove otherwise. But I am here to say how curious it is that the energy in these star alignments is now being witnessed in the physical plane. Energy and matter—the two cannot be made separate. Whether cause, correlation, or just claimed coincidence, most can see that things have been flipped upside down.

These are the energetic, astrological, and earthly human times we are now living in. Nothing is staying the same. Things are changing fast, daily even. Nothing is known, and nothing is certain. Life and death are the only two guarantees now, as they always have been, but are now being deeply, viscerally felt.

During these times, some are feeling extra sensitive to the changing energy. We are sensing how interconnected we all are. How intimately intertwined we all are. One virus affecting all of us shows that exact truth. We are not separate. We are a vastly social species. We thrive on connection, and experience great loss when unable to share, connect, and be the social creatures that we are.

Humans need both—balance of inner and outer connection. This we are learning by experiencing the “forced” polar opposite of the extreme a lot of us have lived in. Prior to this upheaval, our external worlds seemingly took precedence in our societies. Our status, our wealth, our careers, and our achievements are now the things that have been shown to be easily susceptible to crumbling, to breaking down, to not sustaining. The over-masculinized aspects of our world—the doing, the striving, the forcing, the pushing, the fighting, the aggression, the over-taking—have been so far out of balance, and now the pendulum is perhaps swinging to the counter end, to balance out.

We are being shown that the inner world has been collectively neglected. The feminine, the introspective, darker terrains, the underworld, the subconscious, the more maternal, self-reflective aspects, the healer within, the watery emotional worlds we all have access to, if given time, space, and conditions to be with must be felt.

I am certainly not disregarding the strife, trauma, and grief a lot of us (myself included) have been facing: death of loved ones, loss of jobs, loss of income, loss of stability, loss of certainty. But, perhaps, this full moon, and these times are the needed reminder of the wisdom of nature, even if we can’t understand it right now. Even if we feel totally overwhelmed by it some days, angry with it all, or deeply grieving what was and or may never be.

Today’s full moon is in Libra, the sign of the scales. Balance. Relationships. Socializing. Connectivity. Sacred balance of all.

It calls on us to explore our relationship to all of life. Every day, we are all relating. Relating to aspects of the self. Relating to others, perhaps more virtually right now. Relating to our daily routines in a whole new way. This is the shake-up.

In these times, we are all finding or being asked to remember balance. Balancing out years, decades, months of over-activity. Over-consumption. Over-engagement with external reality. Over-identification with sources susceptible to crumble (societal and monetary structures built on safety and stability in something outside of us).

It isn’t wrong that we did this. We aren’t being “punished” by some godly force or even Mother Nature.

We are being shown our karma, our direct actions and their reactions. Everything in nature seeks balance. This we are being shown. The extremes we have lived in are now being balanced out in other extremes: isolation and quarantine.

We are being shown something—parts of ourselves we haven’t been willing to see, to be with. Perhaps, we feel “forced” into sitting with the sh*t. We can throw as many tantrums and crying fits as we need to allow whatever we feel to be seen, to be processed, to be allowed. The more we can allow everything under the sun to be okay, the more freedom and ease we naturally feel.

What if the “negative” emotions you have been feeling aren’t wrong? What if they are totally okay? Doesn’t that permission to be and act however we have feared we may act when granted this permission almost save us from our own demolition?

We must and can keep granting ourselves permission to be with the waves of emotion. To witness them fully, without judgment. There is no right or wrong way to feel, no morally acceptable way to feel. All feelings are welcomed and okay. Remove the shame and judgment and see how the “negative” emotions naturally flow out of you.

But in their own time. Not in your mind or ego’s timeline.

We have been removed from all timelines. We are in a whole new routine. Each day, creating each day as it comes. Feeling into each moment as though it’s the very first time.

This full moon invites us to remember that balance in ourselves and in our relationships is happening. Even if we don’t understand it cognitively.

Libra loves harmony. Knows harmony. Lives in harmony with all things. This is what we are remembering, what we are re-learning or learning for the first time. How to care for ourselves, each other, our families, our health, our emotions, and our spiritual well-being.

Breathe into the fullness of this moon, and know yourself as that wholeness too.

No matter how broken or despondent we may feel some days, we must lean into the sweet moments, the harmonious moments that find us—in rest, in a connection to a friend across the ethers, in the warm sun on your skin, in the air in your lungs, in a warm meal.

Simple pleasures. Simple living. The simplified lives we are leading now.

Allow that medicine to touch and remind you of its healing power when we can surrender and allow for it all to just be.

We are no longer in control of our outer worlds (perhaps we never were), but we are in “control” of balancing and restoring harmony within the self, within our own perceptions, by healing, addressing, and being with the waves of emotions as they continue to cycle through us.

This is just the beginning of a deep, transformative time, when we are able to transmute the poison, transmute the pain, and perhaps fall into deeper alignment with our true self, with our own hearts, and remember that what happens to me, happens to you. What I do to you, I do to myself.

We are all in this together, yes. We are all in this together because we are a together, living species. We are a communal species. So, let’s take this time to remember that we will commune once more. We will gather again. We will be together in time and space again.

Keep trusting your own balancing out. Keep surrendering into the unknown. Keep allowing anything and everything, yourself included, to be however it needs to be, even if the look of it convinces you otherwise.

We are all dying and being rebirthed. A new way of living and remembering harmony in all of life, in all of humanity, in our world a whole. You are so vastly and imperatively a part of that process.

We will be together and gather together again.

Dear souls, this is happening for us—not to us. Remember your sacred purpose. And, invite your heart to be ever close to you in this sweet, tender time. Be kind to self and others. Trust in the sacred balance of it all.



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