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April 12, 2020

She Was A Girl With A Blazing Heart On Fire

She was a woman free in every aspect of her being.

She was a mystery, a well-kept secret and an ever-changing phenomenon.

She was a woman of nature who bathed in the sunlight, the moonlight and the fire.

She loved to move, dance and flow, it was her medicine and her antidote.

She was a woman of few words but when she spoke she either cut you like a knife or serenaded you like a song.

She was a beautifully reckless, chaotic and messy but she kind of liked that about herself.

She knew that intelligence wasn’t found in textbooks, on the news or in the boardroom but in the experiences we have.

She never let society tell her how she was going to live her life.

She was already chasing one dream before, even finishing the next. Her passions were endless.

She was independent but once you gained her trust, her loyalty knew no bounds.

She knew deep love and would never settle in shallow waters.

She would travel to every corner of the globe, always searching for a new place untouched.

She was well acquainted with her demons, shadows and flaws and knew she would always be a work in progress.

She was wise beyond her years, an old soul.

She knew that what she was searching for didn’t lie in the arms of a man, at the end of a bottle or at the edge of the world but deep inside herself.

She was passionate, poetic and creative in every thing she did and loved.

She would re-invent herself endlessly, again and again.

She was a girl with a blazing heart on fire.


A Poem for the girl i was, the woman i am and the woman i am yet to become. X

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