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April 13, 2020

Wander Wild

Inside of every Woman lies a wandering wild Woman.

A wolf archetype.

A lone wolf who wanders to far lands and to far depths within herself.

A naked barefoot Woman standing under the moonlight who is wild and free.

A Woman who is wandering and searching. At first she doesn’t know what she is searching for. She seems to wander aimlessly.

After some time the lone wolf no longer feels alone on her journey even though she is standing looking up at the stars in the night sky with no one else around but her.

One journey is now complete. It’s been a long journey, with many twists and turns. A journey of connecting back to the wild Woman inside of her. A journey of remembering and a sense of “coming home”. A strong connection of home within her heart.

Her many years of wandering wasn’t aimless after all. It has brought her back to the love inside of herself. It has guided her back to her intuition. Back to her feminine essence. She takes a rest here for a while getting used to and enjoying her new found “home”. .

After some time she is ready to wander once more. Under the moon this wild Woman stands again. She feels Mother Earth under her bare feet, the gentle breeze flows through her long tangled hair and her skin is basking in the magical and powerful moonlight.

She feels blessed and full of gratitude for what she discovered on her last journey wandering into the wild and now the lone wolf inside of her is ready to wander once more. This time as she wanders alone with a sense of “home” and connection wherever she roams.

She is ready to connect paths along the way with another lone wolf. A lone wolf on his journey too. A wild Man who stands naked under the moonlight too. A wild Man who isn’t afraid to bare himself, to wander to far lands and deep within himself to find “home”.

In the distance she hears a howl. She recognises the call. But she resists the urge to chase after it. Instead she knows she must continue to wander. To listen to her inner guidance that will guide her once again to lands afar and to depths within herself. It is within the depths of her soul that she can find the depths within another lone wolf.

She knows he is doing the same and that their wandering wild hearts and deep connected souls will cross paths when the sun, moon and stars align. When their paths are destined to cross and their souls are destined to collide again.

She looks up and howls at the moon. This wild Woman is roaming free again, but this time she knows what she is wandering for. She wanders with a peaceful, trusting and open heart into the deep forest ahead, following her path that is clearly lit by the powerful and magical beams of moonlight. She lets her intuition and heart guide her. She journeys into the wild the beautiful night sky yet again. 

Wander beautiful wild Woman to wherever your heart and soul guides you, as whatever you’re heart truely desires is wandering towards you too.

Iam Journeying Home~ Mandy xxx

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