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April 17, 2020

We were human after all – who knew?

“I wish I could – I am sorry, but I have been so busy I totally spaced it out!” Is what we used to say – living in a world full of unreasonable demands, a world robbing us of our lives and our relationships full of deadlines, and “things that couldn’t wait” – “The Cat And The Cradle” type of scary stuff.  And we felt guilty and sad and then went to bed totally exhausted after having done “a million things” but feeling like losers that we “didn’t get anything done” – today.

To us “not getting anything done” used to be doing things constantly 12 to 14 hours a day, trying to please everyone, trying to create time, split hairs and chose our battles – “who can I afford to disappoint today?” because someone is going to have to be – I just need to decide who it will be, basically, the easiest person to say “I am sorry” two months later when they call you on it or you run into them at lunch.

Enter COVID19 – the catalyst, the despot, the dictator that had just about had it with our bullshit and had to make a final decision and with determination said: “You all keep talking about it, and you never do shit about it”  – you talk about cleaning the environment, about “calling mom”, about caring more, you keep telling people after you see them at Thanksgiving and realize how wonderful they are: “We need to see each other more!” – but you don’t.  You keep saying you will camp more, or paint your office. You keep putting off that hobby or learning to knit or speak French – you keep saying you will pollute less, not eat out as much, donate blood, you often feel you should just be a nicer person to strangers – and finally and most of all, you keep hearing this voice in the back of your head that says” “I should be nicer to myself” – but you just don’t get it and all of it goes to wishes and hopes, it ends up on crumbled up lists and you never fucking do it!  I have had it with you people!”

And in an inconceivable short amount of time, COVID19 makes us realize that we totally had not only the time but the ability to be so much more – and we realize very quickly how really human we are – that we are not robots of a system, that we are not slaves to our employers, that we actually care.

When a total stranger yesterday said to me: “Good morning!” I truly felt her care – she was actually hoping I was having and would have a good morning – and with all of my enthusiasm I replied: “Good morning!” it was beautiful! When I painted my office yesterday and it only took me a short two or three hours, I felt purged and fresh and comfortable – I had wanted to do it for 10 years – TEN FUCKING YEARS! But there was always one more email to read, one more irrelevant program to watch on TV.

I have reduced my sick and disgusting smoking habit from 10 to 15 “smokes” a day, to one or two and sometimes none – I speak to friends I hadn’t seen in FORTY years through “Zoom” -(the savior of the world during a pandemic) and we have reunited and found new interests and even more amazing – we have found out that our friendship was dormant – and that we both “wished” for years to contact each other, that we often wondered what the other was doing but never stopped for ONE FUCKING SECOND to make a phone call and say: “How are you”.

I have really dived into my core and put down on paper the five of ten truths of who I really am – studied my life and “called myself” after 62 years and said: “How are you?” And guess what – I have been wishing I would have called me and I often wondered how I was doing.

Rivers, oceans, forests and the sky themselves have made amazing transformations in just weeks – we let them breath because we were literally smothering them. Animals have been seen out roaming and climbing trees and walking without fear instead of hiding constantly and fearing what  may come next. The quiet of the streets soothes the mind and we are able to collect our thoughts and think of new ideas.

My clients who in the past would have been irreconcilable over any minor error and totally unforgiving of a reschedule or a light change, are now understanding and flexible and kind and ready to resolve issues instead of demanding their way.  And a guy at the post office this morning actually smiled at me – that, is change.

We go around wondering why we didn’t get our chance, why others always seem to fall into grace and luck and opportunity – well, this is literally a completely unbiased and across the board “Opportunity of a life time” for RE INVENTION –  RE COGNITION – RE BIRTH for every single person on Earth.  All of a sudden you are not the only one that will “run out of money in two months” we all are. all of a sudden you are not the one that is afraid, we all are. All of a sudden you are not the only one that realizes what is truly important – we all do!  It is a beautiful thing.

DO NOT waste this “opportunity of a life time” do major things, things that will change you forever.  Stop “taking it” and actually “change it”.  Make a plan you can execute the second we are told “GO!” and come out of the gate running letting the world meet the new you.

But don’t forget this opportunity like you forget your love for mom the day after mother’s day, or how much family means after you meet them at the funeral of another uncle that passed away – stay on task and remember them often, contact them often and LOVE THEM every day.  Stop judging and stressing out about who likes Trump and who doesn’t – who cares!  That guy means so very little to me now more than ever.

But remember to introduce yourself back to YOU. A beautiful, capable, smart, happy, hopeful, amazing person that has so much talent and potential. No matter what your situation, STAY OFF the YouTube, the “Tiger King” (basically a documentary about people that abuse animals) stay off the news – it is all the same every day and build YOU!  Whatever you do, don’t wake up one morning after they tell us everything will be fine and have to wonder why you didn’t take full advantage of this “once in a life time opportunity.

Do this and you will find something very quickly – we were human after all, who knew?

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