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May 8, 2020

Authentic Truth – message from the angels

Today we will discuss Authentic Truth and how understanding what it means for you, and what you need to concentrate on now more than ever. We have all heard the phrase or comment, “Live your truth”. What does that mean exactly? Do we even know? Do we even understand what that means for us? I pondered these questions this morning while I sat in front of the computer screen trying to figure out what to type.  I’m sure you are now wondering why I would ponder such questions. Let us start from the beginning shall we.

I was woken up this morning at 3:25 am from a restful slumber by the angels whispering to me about streams of consciousness and how we align to them. Sometimes we pick and choose the streams closest to our beliefs but we never stop to examine our own truths or beliefs. As I tried to roll over in bed and go back to sleep the voices got louder until I was forced to get up and begin writing. You see, writing is how I allow the angels to use me as a channel. It is how they get their messages across to not only better understand for myself but for others to understand as well. When I finally got to  my computer, I asked them why it was so important for me to focus on streams of consciousness. Then the words ‘Authentic Truth’ came forward and I knew we were about to embark on a deep journey.

I personally, have my own blog and while I already had another piece to share the angels made me put it aside and share this instead. It is important to note that as the creator of a blog, I plan and take pride in knowing that what I am presenting is of genuine nature. The content is original and specific to me and how I interpret the information given to me through the angelic realm.  With that in mind you can imagine my frustration and anxiety with posting something I was not prepared for, nor did I wish to speak about it at this time. However, I’ve learned that when it comes to the angels, you listen and follow with guided action. They promised me that its message and importance was needed right now, so here I am stepping out of my comfort zone and posting this on a different platform for all to see.

The definition of authentic is ‘of undisputed origin; genuine’. Truth actually has three definitions and we are going to use all three. It is defined as the quality or state of being true, that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality, or a fact or belief that is accepted as true. Authentic truth according to the angels is defined as a fact or belief that is genuine and original to you.  I found it interesting that they clearly wanted me to state it was about your beliefs.  What is belief anyway. We all have our own beliefs and for many of us we live our lives by those beliefs. You see the angels state that in some cases our beliefs do not match our authentic truth. For many of us we end up believing in things that were taught to us, or they were passed down to us by those before us.

We never question those beliefs, nor do we ever ask ourselves the deeper questions of whether we agree with them vibrationally. Right now, there is so much going on in our world that many of us feel like we are in the middle of a giant board game. Many of us did not want to play this game but we were chosen nonetheless and now we have to navigate our way through to the end.  Some of us ride the waves along the board never questioning; while others of us resist the wave all together. Some of us create our own waves and navigate through with no trouble, while others stumble and fall. No matter where you are on the board game you will always have to travel alongside others while witnessing the different road blocks ahead. This can be hard, it is hard because we never know what is real and what is not. We make choices based off of reactive emotions which at times makes us feel like we are playing a game of chance by rolling the dice of LIFE or Dungeons and Dragons. For every action or choice, you have cause and effect. As hard as it is for us to think of it this way, this is the reality of our world right now.

The angels suggest that our focus should be to discover our own truth and let others find theirs. This is quite hard at times especially since we have so many different opinions and beliefs being portrayed on the news, the radio, the newspaper, etc. The angels describe this as different flows of consciousness streaming in and out of our reality. When one person dips into that stream of consciousness, it very rarely tips the scales of reality, but image one million people dipping into one stream. Now we have a stream of consciousness that begins to take shape and becomes a reality. Once this occurs you then have other streams of consciousness conflicting with other streams of consciousness. It is almost like all of these streams of consciousness are fighting each other forgetting that within their own stream is a belief or point of origin that is genuine and true to itself.

Each and every stream out on the board game is fighting for superiority over the other instead of coming to the realization that each and every stream is valid and true on its own. According to the angels, we must remember and recognize that there is more than one truth in this world. Remember that the answers you seek exits beyond the beliefs you hold. We are all given a choice on what to believe. Instead of fighting each other on who is right or wrong maybe we should focus on what resonates with our authentic truth. If you try to convince yourself of your beliefs then the angels say that really is not your authentic truth. Your authentic truth will always fulfill and satisfy you. It is unconditional – meaning conditions do not have to change for you to live and feel your truth.

Our key takeaway today is we must learn to master ourselves and understand our own authentic truth. We must stop looking outside ourselves for the answers that we seek. We must question our beliefs and focus on the truth that lies within. We must stop screaming at each other about right and wrong and learn to accept and respect each other in our differences, while remembering that we are all one and the same. While we each have a different truth, it doesn’t mean that my way is better than yours. It is like the saying, “All roads lead to Rome.” Our truths can be different, and yet they all come from the same source. When you change your beliefs and live in your authentic truth, your life changes to match your new frequency. The angels want us to be more aware of what we do daily. Focus on what makes your heart sing and expand. As you move through your day notice what gives you a glow of happiness. Do things that feel truthful to you. Be aware of your feelings, take note of the things you are doing, watching or listening to when you get emotions of anger, or sadness. The angels say, “You are the key to your authentic truth so be the master of your own stream of consciousness”.

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