May 3, 2020

The Roses grow where the Skulls lie.

A parable of Love, Life, Beauty and Death.

“Where are the roses?,” he asked.

She replied “where the skulls are!”

He asked, “Where are the skulls?”

She replied, “They are among the roses.”


He asked, “Why do you vex me so with such a riddle?!”

She replied, “If you do not know, you are not worthy of the roses.”


He shook his head…obviously defeated.

He turned and took his leave.

She made her way back to the path on which she had been walking…awaiting the next man who would, inevitably, ask her the same question.

A soft smile settled on her lips, kissed by the dimming light.


Hopefully all are not so touched by naïveté, and are able to locate the roses among the skulls, and know why they grow there.

Are you able to? Fair reader?

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Read 1 comment and reply

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