May 14, 2020

The Most Startlingly Horrifying yet Wonderful Video I’ve seen in Months.

This is awful. I loved it and am sharing it with everyone who might care.

“An interesting way to portray effect of pollution.”

“Cheers to the polar bear at 0:08 for watching porn while at work.”

The two scenes with the gorillas in the excavators chasing down the humans really hit home. Anyone else remember the video of the orangutan making his last stand on the tree that was his home?

The above is a cartoon by Steve Cutts.

Steve Cutts is an illustrator and animator based in London, England. His artwork satirises the excesses of modern society.

Before becoming a freelancer in 2012, Cutts worked as an illustrator for the London creative agency Glue Isobar. He worked on digital projects for companies including Coca-Cola, Google, Sony, and Toyota.

In 2012, Cutts created his most popular film, MAN, which has environmentalist and animal rights themes. Created with Adobe Flash and After Effects, Cutts describes the film as “looking at mans relationship with the natural world.” As of July 2019, the video has over 33 million views on YouTube.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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