May 8, 2020

You Never Realize You’re an Empath until it’s Too Late.


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Through the cracks, you never realize you’re an empath until it’s too late. 

There isn’t a significant moment of clarity; it just happens.

One minute life is ordinarily still, and the next comes a torrent of unspoken words and delayed emotions.

You start noticing things more, the fated crease of a frown line, the slight burning of a nervous touch, and the gradual demolition of all the walls around you.

You don’t see it coming, but suddenly you’re standing there with the weight of a thousand expectations on your shoulders, and the vicious promise of heartbreak.

Yes, being someone who feels everything so intensely can become poisonous.

Empathy can be unilaterally devastating, and it’s only when you stop trying to hold everything else together that you can finally see all your broken places—and it scares the hell out of you.

Empathy can crack you wide open without warning, and when all your worst fears start seeping through the cracks, there’s no other choice but to drive the past to the junkyard and start over.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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