May 28, 2020

To the Wife of my Lover: I Helped Revive your Marriage.

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This is to the wife of my lover.

Maybe you don’t know the real me, but I helped revive your marriage.

My influence has reawakened the desires of your heart for the man you were emotionally distant from.

The threat of my presence has aroused a fear within you, which created a new desire for the man you married.

I loved him in a passionate way that aroused parts that were kept from you.

And in response, he brought those emotions back to your love—rekindled a lost connection.

The looming shadow of my ever-present nearness has restored you from a lifeless existence of marital monotony.

My influence and presence are rarely acknowledged or spoken of.

I know my desire to matter is inconsequential within a relationship that is already established.

My job is not to be loved but to love.

My job is not to receive but to serve.

My calling is not to be desired but to desire.

My purpose is not to be important, but to awaken your passion and love for one another.

My life is a threat to the union you forged with one another over two decades ago.

That threat brings about the realization that your fragile coupling is capable of ruin if you cease to cling to one another.

Unlike your bond, I am dispensable.

My gifts are little understood in the fantasy world of your monogamous commitment.

When Father Time has passed, and my usefulness has worn off, I will be left alone and abandoned while your love will be left stronger—I am the other woman.



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