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June 20, 2020

COVID – 19: The Lockdown taught me how to refuel myself

The world is probably not going to be the same as it was before COVID-19 and the lockdown that followed it later.

This Corona virus-induced lockdown was seen as a challenge. With an unprecedented nature and duration, it indeed came as a blow to all. Many of us were left startled, felt dejected with no room for meeting people in flesh or going out as before.

While there were others who made the most of their time and came up with solutions which they could never think of, had there been no lockdown! I can say this with conviction because I am one of those many people who utilised this time to figure out what exactly is missing from my life and what can I do about it?

The lockdown days kept me busy in two things – reading good books and praying for the world. Reading, for me, is leisure, pleasure, pursuit of happiness, work and hobby. I majorly enjoy reading History books and equally love to read the works of celebrated writers like Rabindranath Tagore and Elif Shafak. Good reads keep us sane, specially during tough times like the one world just experienced. It is imperative to, at least, practice that one thing to keep you sane and uplifted in life.

Apart from reading, praying too makes me feel happy and contented. But this is not the only reason for writing this post. There is another good practice that I have started to keep myself calm and composed in life – Meditation. Meditation is that one activity which charges you up, it literally refuels you for the day. It works like a recycle bin where all the negative thoughts, apprehensions and unwanted chirps go into, to finally get dumped.

Human brain is a wonder machine, it works throughout one’s life without taking any breaks. We need to provide it some strength. Not only this meditating for even 10 minutes in a day can keep you focused and aware for the rest of the  day. It gives one that much-needed pause, to breathe life, to get clarity in life, which is otherwise missing from many lives.

So if there is one good thing that came to me during this lockdown is the realisation that made me do meditation. Initial hiccups will be there as, these days, we all have our monkey minds, going from one place to another. Yet practice can take you there,  consistency is key.

It cleans the mind. I have tried it and urge you all too, to make it a daily practice.

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