June 23, 2020

Drew Barrymore’s recipe for the best Sister-From-Another-Mister you could Have.

When Drew Barrymore describes what her best friend means to her, I realized that this is what I’ve been craving.

I just turned 40, and I’ve been single since my divorce five years ago. Beginning in my 30s, and especially now that I enter another decade, I’m finding that I would much rather have a happily-ever-after with a bestie than a romantic partner—if I had to choose.

Like many celebs, Barrymore has had a string of relationships, some short, some long, but she’s never strayed from her ride-or-die. She has what I want, and I’m more eager now than ever to rekindle what I’ve slowly let go of since my 20s, having been fully engrossed in romantic relationships and parenthood.

Here’s what Drew Barrymore thinks a worthy sister from another mister is made of:

They’re pretty basic, but they are the rock-solid foundation on which lifelong friendships are built:

>> Someone who tells us the truth—they’re not only full of yesses and they don’t coddle us.

>> Someone who helps us figure our problems out and break cycles.

>> They have a passion for something that matters in this life, and they inspire us to evolve and be better people.

>> They are the kind of people you respect so much, you want to make them proud at every opportunity.

>> And they’re the first person you think of when you want to share the joy of your accomplishments. And most importantly, they show up for you in those moments. 

>> Someone who is a bright, shining beacon of accountability—but still knows how to have fun.

>> Someone who doesn’t make everything easy for us.

>> People who don’t care won’t put time and effort into your relationship—real ones do. 

Okay, is this not the real-life version of Meredith and Cristina from “Grey’s Anatomy?” Totally is.

Watch the full video here:

I’m not one to wax poetic about platonic love. There are many authors at Elephant who have already done a wonderful job of that.

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