June 30, 2020

My Journey of Healing from Autoimmune Disease Began with a Little-Known Super-Antioxidant. {Partner}

This article is written in partnership with C60 Purple Power—they’re dedicated to supporting your well-being, and we’re honored to work with them. ~ ed.

My journey of healing from autoimmune disease began with a single molecule: Carbon 60.

This is not just any molecule; this is the most powerful antioxidant known to (wo)mankind. 

I want to share my own “miraculous” health recovery story (among others) because I believe this super-antioxidant is something that could change your life as it is changing mine. 

If you’ve made the choice to take back control of your health, you’re probably already familiar with—and hopefully practicing—many of these things: good nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices, “food as medicine,” natural and alternative therapies.

You may have even had some success in treating what a pharmaceutical drug could not fix, simply by making better choices. And that is great news. That’s something to celebrate!

But what if you were able to reduce inflammation (one of the root causes of auto-immune disease), support your immunity, and improve your energy and mental clarity with just one teaspoon of C60 Purple Power a day?

Just one teaspoon a day made all the difference.

You see, I have not just one, but two auto-immune conditions. I was diagnosed at the age of 20 with Addison’s Disease and then, in my late 30s, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. 

Because of these conditions, I suffered from chronic fatigue and inflammation which left me lacking motivation and zest for life. 

Then, two and a half years ago, I started taking C60 Purple Power

What is C60 Purple Power?

You can really dig into some of the science behind this powerful little molecule right here, but, in short, Carbon 60 (C60) is a super-antioxidant with one game-changing health benefit: reducing the oxidative stress in your body that’s caused by free radicals. 

C60 Purple Power is made with C60, a molecule of 60 carbon atoms shaped like a tiny soccer ball. It has just two ingredients: Carbon 60 (the highest purity and quality available), and 100% certified, farm-direct organic oils: MCT coconut, extra virgin olive, or avocado oil (the type you choose depends on your individual health needs and taste preference).

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The first thing I noticed when I started taking C60 Purple Power was an increase in my energy and mental clarity which gave me the ability to work longer hours and fulfill my responsibilities both as a mother and as a director of marketing for a quickly growing company.

I got my zest back. I got my mojo back, and I started living life to the fullest! I started exercising again and my career was blossoming and I felt like I had plenty of energy for my kids all of a sudden. It was a huge change for me!

But what I didn’t expect was that after just one year of taking C60 Purple Power, not only would all those symptoms go away but my doctor and I would both discover that I no longer needed to take the thyroid medication at the level of dosage I was taking. 

In fact, I was able to decrease my thyroid medication by two thirds and I might be well on my way to being able to eliminate that medication altogether. 

And I’m not the only one…

Jessica (43) experienced the total elimination of her chronic allergy symptoms after taking C60 Purple Power for a year. Here’s her story:

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I have been taking C60 for a little more than two years now. When I first started taking C60 Purple Power, it took just a few weeks to notice a significant increase in my mental clarity and physical energy. 

I noticed that I was able to get more work accomplished, I was thinking clearer, and I felt an increase in motivation and enthusiasm for life. Unlike using caffeine (coffee is my favorite vice!) the energy I experienced from C60 didn’t come with any jitters. I felt supercharged and I had extra energy to exercise more, which in turn also contributed to an improved sense of wellbeing. 

I add a ½ tablespoon of C60 Purple Power MCT coconut to my coffee in the morning and sometimes will add a dash of cinnamon and cayenne pepper. I drink a lot less coffee than I used to, but I still enjoy the flavor and the experience of it.

After about 3-4 months of taking C60 Purple Power, I noticed that my extreme PMS symptoms, which I had experienced since I was a teenager, had significantly subsided. I used to have cramps that were so bad I sometimes would have to miss work. The physical pain and mood swings I used to experience went away. 

After about 6 months using C60 Purple Power, I noticed my hair was growing…a lot! From the time I was in my early 20s to the end of my 30s, I had a short bob haircut. I’d try to grow my hair out, but I have baby fine hair, and I could never get it to grow past my shoulders. Well, C60 Purple Power has helped change that: not only has my hair grown a lot, but so have my nails. I now have a ponytail and have to get my hair cut every few months just to keep up with it. I bought a curling iron and now I get to enjoy having long hair for the first time since I was in high school!

After about a year using C60 Purple Power, I noticed that my chronic allergies to many grasses and trees, which I developed as an adult after moving to Colorado, had disappeared!

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This was not something I had expected to happen, and it has been an absolute joy to be able to hike, bike, and enjoy all four seasons in Colorado, doing all of the activities I love.

Now, this is embarrassing, but my nose used to run constantly when the trees and grasses were blooming in Colorado. I couldn’t even enjoy a meal without a tissue in one hand to wipe my nose. A constant runny nose? No longer my reality!

My partner is 44. He’s been taking C60 Purple Power for about 10 months now. His hair, which turned salt and pepper when he was in his 30s, has actually been getting darker! The change for him is so dramatic that his hairdresser of 15 years recently asked him, “What are you on?!” 

She noticed the darkening of his hair back to its natural color on the top of his head, and also that his hair had become more wavy, like younger hair. He loves taking C60 Purple Power—he has told everyone he knows about it.

We’ve both noticed an increase in libido which is a really fun surprise too!

I typically highlight my hair blonde and, quite honestly, I’ve never paid attention to whether or not I have any grey hair. However, being in the middle of this crazy COVID-19 situation, I was able to see about 4-5 inches of growth before I could get a hair appointment. I was able to look for greys in my hair, for the first time, and was quite surprised when I could only find a few random greys. My hairdresser mentioned, when I saw her this past month, how much new hair growth I had, too!

C60 Purple Power truly is a “miraculous” health product.

Of course, the only way to experience its power is to try it for yourself! 

But if you still need a bit more inspiration to see what C60 can do for you, check out a few more testimonials from fans of this life-changing product.

Folks dealing with a wide range of health issues are really seeing results:

I’ve been taking C60 Purple Power in avocado oil since September 3rd, 2019. I’ve had tremendous improvements! I turned 56 in December. I have experienced reduced inflammation. And, for the first time in my life, I had no fall allergy to ragweed! ~ Teri A. 

C60 Purple Power gives me energy for my days and my swim workouts and races. I notice more “juice” to push for speed and endurance. This summer I had a PR in a two-mile open water race for which I had been aspiring for several years. I also notice a better mental focus on studying after work hours. It’s delightful to have energy and enthusiasm for my other interests outside work and swimming. I need to remind myself to get some rest because I’m usually having lots of fun. ~ Rhianna G.

I so love C60 Purple Power! I’ve been taking it for three months. I’ve lost weight, my energy & stamina is through the roof, my migraines have eased off and I don’t cramp up and retain large amounts of fluid during that time of the month. I truly love this product! My skin has cleared up tremendously as well. ~ D. Little

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And it’s not just good for people, it’s good for our dear pets, too.

I have a 9yr old lab-mix that I’ve been giving C60 to for the last year. The vet diagnosed him with hip dysplasia after I noticed he was limping. They told me there was nothing that would help his condition. Once I started giving him C60 Purple Power in hopes it would help, my dog’s energy level increased noticeably. He now has the activity level of when he was 3 and C60 Purple Power is the only thing we have changed. I tell my wife my goal is for him to live to 20 now! ~ Keith H.

My 12-year-old, 11-pound, long-haired chihuahua had trouble walking, could no longer jump up on my bed, and was diagnosed by our vet with “severe arthritis”. The vitamin supplements the vet prescribed had no noticeable effect. After giving her a daily dropper full of C60 Purple Power she began to act more like a puppy, running around and easily jumping up on my bed. When I took her to the vet months later, the vet commented that it was unusual for a chihuahua that age not to have a heart murmur (her heart is strong), there was no sign of arthritis, and her coat was amazing. The next day I had her teeth cleaned, and the groomer, who had been cleaning her teeth for about 10 years, asked how old she was because her teeth were in amazing shape. ~ Gina W. 

One teaspoon a day; hundreds of benefits.

1. C60 Purple Power Super-Smoothie

INGREDIENTS: ⅓ cup fresh or frozen blueberries,1 banana,½ cup of water,1 cup of plain yogurt (try coconut or cashew yogurt for a dairy-free option),1 tablespoon C60 Purple Power MCT Coconut. Optional: add 1 tbsp flax seeds, hemp seeds, or chia seeds for extra fiber; or 1 teaspoon of honey or agave syrup if you like it sweeter. DIRECTIONS: combine ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
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