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June 29, 2020

This is how I lived life differently during lockdown..and I think it’s not that bad!

I need rules, and rewards and punishment in my life, especially right now, sometimes I feel like I have no structure in my life during this quarantine and it’s really freaking me out .. I’m so glad that I decided to scoop some houseplants before the pandemic hit! I’ve spent my whole life with few flower pots, but considering how much air pollution there is in the city, I figured having some green friends might help.

Also I see these blogposts which recommend true living, unlike mine, I suppose. They constantly bombard you with guilt-infusing intellectual snippets like… What have you been doing?! What are you into? Have you done your spring cleaning yet? Is there a book you were always wanting to read but never gotten to it? Have you been wanting to work out? You can look up 10-30 minute exercises on YouTube that don’t require weights, you can go for walks (Safely) it’s so nice getting fresh air and listening to music, meditating? Maybe trying new hair styles or playing with make up, learning new yoga poses, looking up new music, cooking something you’ve never cooked before, watching a new movie or maybe baking a new treat, do you have crystals? How about having a super lush bath w candels crystals incense and essential oils if you have any of those?! But then there are days, when I find their edits so beautiful and I love the writers/readers/bloggers of this fandom for giving me a reason to smile during this craziness of quarantine … thanks for doing what you do and brightening someone’s day.
I have been drinking this lemon tea lately, and its become a favourite. For a south indian person, that’s a huge shift from regular tea.

Also finished The Book Thief today! It was so good but so sad!!
I’ve had a headache and did manage to write up a couple of notes today, too.
I hope your day has been great so far!!!

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