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June 29, 2020

Where do emotions come from?

The life-giving and saving motion of energies derive from the interrelations of emotions.

Emotions are the machinery of life. Without them, organic energies would not survive.

I remember one day sitting in a garden restaurant in Budapest, sipping wheat beer with my students and their colleagues from work, when one started to talk about his relationship, putting emphasis on his abrupt behavior towards the girlfriend. I knew he was fishing for some professional advice that I am always very happy to give when having fun. I asked him what the trigger of his conduct was. He said he did not know. It just came from nowhere. When I asked him to classify where nowhere was, he motioned to the air around us.

I looked at him perplexed. He was an engineer who worked with numbers and facts, even though he was comfortable saying that. Then I told him that nowhere is somewhere, otherwise, it wouldn’t exist. And if it doesn’t exist, nothing can come from there. Not even emotions. By then, I became the center of confused glances. But after a short silence, they all started to smile and reassured me that I was right.

If you think about it, we are very comfortable with a certain explanation. We take them on board without giving them a thought. However, everything is logical in life and happens for a reason. Nothing comes from nowhere! Nowhere doesn’t exist.

Emotion is the motion of thoughts and thoughts are the mirrors of understanding. It is not very strange really for who you are and what you do, reflect your mental grab of what you know. Knowing is very tricky. We use the word the same way we live; without thinking about its meaning. Knowing means that you understand something fully, within the interrelations of events. Knowing is experiencing and learning from it. The danger of using this word lies in believing it to be accurate. I would not say true as that is another word for the mirror. There is no such thing on Earth we can call truth. Or yes but then we need to take it on board with a pinch of salt. Everybody’s truth about the same event is different.

Let me give you an example: I love Mexico. I visited the country on a number of occasions. For years I have been thinking of moving there for people are nice, food is good, the weather is excellent and the whole Mayan approach is peaceful. However, when I mentioned my last trip to people they looked at me perplexed, some even with a hint of disgust. When I ask questions, none of them can come up with any kind of experience there. They mention drugs, but aren’t they everywhere? They did a survey and measured the cocaine substance in the air of Madrid and it topped the chart. Even the US comes long before Mexico in drug consumption! They also say there is a danger that comes from the mentioned problem. Again, isn’t it everywhere? Most killings in Spain are drug-related, but the media doesn’t connect the two and not announcing the country as dangerous. People are very happy to take their dream holidays on the Costas without giving it another thought. One of my sisters lives in Canada and she said that she would not go to Mexico because they kill Canadians. Wow, these Mexicans are pretty clever people! How do they know who is Canadian? It is not an ethnic group, anybody could be taken for a citizen of the country. You see, people just follow ideas, the mind manipulation of the media and imagination, supported by their fear of the unknown. Believe me, it is an extraordinary place that I had the privilege of visiting on more than one occasion before.

In this story which viewpoint is true? Both of them or you might say none.  And since the media gives you plenty of advice on relationship issues, you really need to start thinking and find real values behind the mass consciousness.

My story also serves as an example of emotion altering and mind manipulation. The more you know and understand the less manipulated you are.

I do not get into the details of what it is you need to understand because it is everything. It is the whole existence, your family, friends, how to work, behave, dress, treat yourself, and do certain chores. Life is an evolution of the mind and emotions.

Excerpt from Emotion the Machinery of Life: the Missing factors of Happy Relationships by Zsa Zsa Tudos

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