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July 3, 2020

What to write next? The real struggle of a writer’s Life

This goes for all the writers, from all the writers and to all the writers in the world. The struggle of not being able to decide your next topic to write upon is real. The search, in itself, is addictive, mind is hooked onto the idea of framing new ideas and carving them into beautiful words, giving it a new lease of life on paper. The mind dictates and the fingers follow. For many people, writing is a commitment, it’s a pursuit of happiness. What doesn’t get to come out otherwise, gets its way out here -in words, on paper.

The budding writers who are always full of innumerable ideas, observations and opinions, often find it difficult to chain their thoughts. But that’s normal! These are symptoms that you are on the right path, and soon will realise your purpose in life.  For beginners how to start with an idea isn’t the only struggle, it starts right from what to write and remains there. It just doesn’t end! Apprehensions, comparisons with writers of your own ilk are some of the other major real struggles that you go through. But some sort of beauty and happiness permeates this whole journey of trying to become a good communicator- a writer. There is no particular definition of who is a good writer. All you need to know is – ‘What to write and how to write it.’ But, hang on! It ain’t that easy. You need to park your thoughts in the garage of your mind, come up with some good words, form sentences and make it a living piece.

I too was contemplating about my next topic or subject to write upon. Because writing, to me, is passion, happiness, love and much more. I thought of sharing this beautiful struggle that we all, as writers go through.

It’s my way of enjoying life. And I am sure that many of you too out there must be having similar notions and feelings, if you like to write. See you on next journey. Take good care of your thoughts, keep writing and celebrating life.

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