August 2, 2020

Aquarius Full Moon: Expect the Unexpected. {August 3rd}



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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


We are more than halfway through 2020.

It may feel as if we have undergone many phases of evolution already: the pain and discomfort in the uncertainty of daily changes, the gestational process of a global pause on activity and forward motion, as well as individually, deep, rebirthing energies, and transformative energy.

The outward chaos may have mirrored the inner, felt chaos, or vice versa. No change, or rather a revolution happened without chaos though.

As the stars mirror our own earthly energies, Aquarius is the sign of innovative change and revolution. Ruled by the planet of unforeseen, unexpected evolution, and innovation, Uranus, this sign is deeply tied to the collective energy. Much like electricity, of which Uranus is tied to, Aquarians feel the energy of the collective as if one short circuit in one part of the world could be felt in another part of the world.

Aquarius is an air sign, but known as the “water-bearer.” Aquarians hold the elixir of change and unconventional methods in their hands. They are rebels at heart. Anyone who has known an Aquarius may know them as the free spirit and freethinker, the humanitarian, the rebel, or the person who doesn’t feel quite from here and are more foreign or “alien” in nature. They are quirky and unique, and restless for collective change. They push humanity to change our ideas and ways of thinking and to create more globally sustainable ways of coexisting.

Aquarians know this planet is our temporary home and the human race our people. They know we must all work together toward love, freedom, and innovation. They seek freedom and change for all of us.

The full moon, landing at 11 degrees of Aquarius on August 3 at 08:59 PT, is highlighting the individual themes we have been working through versus the collective themes we have all been feeling the whole year—change, innovation, dissolution of structures, and a deep call for creative action moving forward.

As the sun is in Leo, the opposing sign of Aquarius, and also the sign encompassing the energy of the individual, the ego, and our desires, we may feel the polarity between the two strongly. With the sun in Leo, our outer personality may be gearing up toward meeting our own needs and desires. Meanwhile, the more hidden emotional side of the moon, being in Aquarius, may feel the need to consider the needs of others.

This moon asks:

How can we balance the needs of others with our own needs?

How can we serve others while still serving our own needs?

We cannot pour from an empty cup, as the saying goes. Aquarius reminds us that we hold the cup in our hands and it is up to us to replenish when we need to. It is our utmost responsibility to nourish ourselves, the Leo sun points out. We cannot serve if we, ourselves, are not full of life force and energy.

The full moon is making a challenging square to Uranus. We may be feeling even more restricted these days, especially here in the United States, with more restrictions set again in these COVID-19 marathon times. We may feel unable to make the changes we truly are desiring.

This is the duality at play. Wanting to change, but maybe not feeling like we can change. Knowing our needs aren’t being met, but feeling unable to meet them fully. Feeling the needs and pullings of others’ needs and not knowing how to balance their needs with our own.

This full moon is all about being with the uncomfortable—being with the restrictions, the tension, the stirring for change and innovation, and feeling the whirlings without the need to control or micromanage it all.

We may feel our obsessive, driven minds wanting to control it all. Wanting to finetune the details. As if there was a giant ball of string of all these various seemingly conflicting energies swirling overhead. The mass is only building.

But what if we could direct these swirling strings into motion by visualizing them as working in concentric, spiral circles as if to form the new DNA of our bodies? Astrologer and energy medium, Molly McCord, in her latest weekly energy podcast, urges us to make use of this analogy in the coming days.

Rather than let these energies get the best of us, maybe we can channel them into more organized energy. When given a direction to flow, the energy feels better able to be used and less for us to be used by them.

Maybe, change is upon us, and maybe change is still coming. We don’t know even still where we are headed, but we do know we won’t be the same person as we were starting 2020. The world will certainly not look the same either.

We came to this earth to grow, to evolve, to innovate, and to bring love and freedom back into all hearts. The Aquarius full moon, even if it feels uncomfortable and chaotic, is that invitation. To keep opening our hearts to the changes as they present themselves. To hold our emotions with deep, spacious awareness and compassion. To trust that on some level, we are becoming more aware of our infinite nature. To trust the changes are for our own evolution and the evolution of humanity.

Let this full moon bless us all with courage and renew our trust in who and what we are, as sovereign, divine star beings. In our truest of natures we are always free. May we remember that this infinite nature exists in all things. May it continue to guide our way home these coming months and into the next stage of humanity’s evolution.


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