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August 4, 2020

I need to tell this to all those who are struggling to love themselves.

Hello everyone,

As I start writing this letter to myself and you all,  there are so many thoughts trying their best, to come out first. But I would have to decide which one should come out before the other one find its place in the letter. This rush of thoughts has to be controlled. Since this is a letter addressed to myself and you all hence, it’s gonna be my call! The letter is going to focus on something pertinent, often easily ignored and not much spoken about – Self-love.

For me, the word that should precede ‘Love’ is ‘Self’. It might appear simple to say self-love or I love myself, yet, there are many layers to it. Many doubts and fears play their role here. These two evils take over our ‘self- belief’, wring it and tear it apart. The two might come from within or sometimes, even acquired – either forcefully or under pressure, from one’s surroundings, the kind of atmosphere one is constantly breathing in.

Self-love is so easy, yet hard to realise; a good deal of paradox! Observations from a self-observant individual are now hustling to come out on paper, to tell you all – “how often we tend to ignore the most important things in our lives?”
In school I was once told, all good things in life are easy to attain. True happiness and self-love for now. For now I will say some of the big and best things in life that remain to be realised are ‘self-worth’ and finding ‘true happiness’. It doesn’t come so easily, you have to train your mind, yourself to believe it. To the utter dismay of our society and system, we as kids aren’t told much about these abstract and equally important concepts of life. The ritualistic education ideals aim at manufacturing smart brains sans much understanding of how the mind works.

Acquiring new skills and learning in life are natural to humans. The definition of acceptance has also changed a lot. With time more and more superficial behaviours are becoming a part of it. I can see many counselling and therapy sessions being made by people. We don’t work on the root cause of it, we are just seeing the top of the berg. What needs to be done is work on our sub-conscious, utter positive affirmations, meditate, talk to ourselves, be grateful to God.

The post-corona world is going to be different in many ways. Not only in terms of business and economy, but also in terms of our mental health. Lockdown days gave us plenty of time to deliberate over what’s wrong with us. There is no harm in learning and acquiring the essentials of advancements in life, but at the same time, should focus on our own happiness- not losing ourselves in the race.

My whole purpose to write this letter is to raise this issue of dealing with everyday struggle of not being able to love oneself. I wish the world realise this soon that self-love is seminal, you ought to have it,  wear it, show it off, let others envy you for who you’re. It should be about celebrating your identity, your individuality with gratitude. Dispelling all fears let’s embrace ourselves.

With Hope & Love

A Happy Soul

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