September 17, 2020

About Waylon Lewis and Elephant Journal on Glassdoor.

Elephant’s been around for 18 years. There will be some unhappy staff who quit, or are fired, along the way. That doesn’t mean they weren’t in many ways right, or that we, and I, can’t listen and learn from them, and our experience. But the one-sided, single comment on Glassdoor…this one seems off. 


My reply:

Given that we’ve been around for 18 years, and media is tough, with mindfulness a high bar, we’re going to disappoint some good folks. That said, Glassdoor is obviously only one side of the story (I haven’t looked but will now), and we’re happy to offer our perspective.


Holy cow, just read that. We have a diverse staff, the culture’s pretty kind (ask anyone who works at Ele), we do have benefits and insurance, we do pay pretty well ($40K base is our bottom tier, plus benefits, and we train folks with little experience in what we do…then we pay much more to those coming in with skills)…

I can’t say that solitary writeup reflects myself (yes, I say what I mean, lose my temper, care deeply, I’m human, but I’m not a toxic boss or creepy).

That review says more about that person, I think, though obviously there’s always much to learn from any failure.

PS: Oh, and I’ve never copied a Buzzfeed article…which is a sad joke, since Buzzfeed articles are often copied. This person doesn’t know what we do.

Oh, and libel is illegal–if I did that, we’d be out of business.

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Read 14 comments and reply

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