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September 2, 2020

Change Happens When Change Happens, and it starts in your home

You walk in your home and you place your keys on the same table with the same light, and the same coaster along with the dusty bird statue someone gifted you at one time or another as you have for the past 10 years. You sit down to take your shoes off on your favorite spot on the couch. You look up to notice the kitchen table and realize it could use a fresh coat of lacquer. You look down and notice the carpet beneath your feet has worn a bit from taking your shoes off in the same place in your home the same way all these years. You look around and everything is the same, but realize you aren’t. You’ve learned so many lessons and had so much growth as a human being, but as as you look around your home it doesn’t feel like home anymore. Everything in your home stayed the same, but you.

I am not suggesting go out and buy new furniture or even remodeling your home. Only changing the view from the inside. Houses are generally shaped like all the others, it is the inside where we can be the change in which we want to see. The inside of our homes is where we get to be ourselves. We as people change often, sometimes daily, sometimes it takes decades for personal growth to take place.

Rearranging your bedroom or a room in your home or even moving a few knick knacks around, you will see things differently and create a different energy within that space. Whether it is the view to watch your children or grandchildren play or the sun shining in and being able to view its beauty from a different angle.

The littlest things in life are what make the most difference.

When I was younger my parents were always changing their bedrooms, mine and my siblings bedrooms and their living rooms around in some way. The couch here, the couch there. The bed here, the bed there. A knick knack here, a  knick knack there. I choose to believe it is because they were teaching me about seeing a different point of view, in their own way.  Whether they were consciously doing it or subconsciously teaching me. When I was younger, I found it to be annoying.

Neither one of my parents are alive to be able to ask them these questions so I have to come to my own conclusion or theory. I didn’t know what they were teaching me when they taught me, because I wasn’t wise enough to know what I know now.

I also believe they were doing their best to teach me about listening to other people’s points of view from their understanding where there are at that very moment in time.

In order to see change in the world we must be the change in which we want to see to create that change and it starts in our homes.


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