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September 10, 2020

Just Get Published. How publishing my first book was easier than I thought.

I wouldn’t really call myself an author, but I can add it to my list of accomplishments! What I am most proud of is that I did it in less than 24 hours.


Initially inspired by a Tik Tok video that claimed anyone could become a published author in 10 minutes, I decided to challenge myself and see if that could actually happen. There are lots of great informative videos out on social media these days. Some are complete bull…so, I wanted to see for myself if there was any truth to this outrageous claim.


When starting out, I really had only one goal in mind – just get published. I made sure not to confuse what I was doing with trying to write a magnificent novel that would express my creative genius, making it onto the New York Times Bestsellers List. That is an extremely tall order to fill and yet the first place my mind goes when thinking about becoming a published author. 


I focused on just getting published. That would be enough to get me started. But what would I write about?  


As I began my journey, it became clear that I did want more than to just be published. I also wanted my book to bring value to the reader. After accepting the fact that it may not even sell one copy, I resigned myself to the premise that there had to be value in the content, should someone choose to buy it. Therefore, I decided to write about the process itself.


My approach was simple. Go through each step and document the experience. That way, the book would really just be writing itself. And, that’s exactly what I did. I wrote the book in real time dedicating each chapter to one step. It took me about 5 hours to write the material, stopping and starting to take breaks, edit, and make sure it all made sense. 


Although I wasn’t published in 10 minutes, the process took less than 24 hours from start to finish. That’s right! The book was written, reviewed, approved, published, distributed and became available for purchase on Amazon in less than a day. I even designed the cover myself in accordance to the video’s instructions.


The really crazy thing is that I am now writing two other books simultaneously. Something I would have never thought possible just a short time ago. What I discovered, is now that I realize I can get published without having to go through the traditional rigamarole, I can write whatever I want to write about. I am in total control of the content. I don’t have an editor or publisher to answer to. I have what most artists want – freedom.


From where I stand, this is just the beginning. A complete and total game changer. The impetus I needed to get the ball rolling. With the juices now flowing, perhaps this will become a snowball effect. We’ll have to wait and see.


Getting published has given me the courage to organize my thoughts and the confidence to share them with the world. I am allowing myself to be clunky, vulnerable, and unrefined, recognizing that I am a work in progress and will grow with every publication. This is actually a dream come true.


If you want to know exactly how I did it, leave me a message below and I will tell you all about it.


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