September 25, 2020

The Mindful Lesson we can Learn from our Failed First Dates.

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I went on a date recently.

It didn’t go well. As in, I knew right away he was not my guy.

I felt into what was the best move, and I decided on one drink.

To practice being in my feminine. To practice being grounded—connected to source.

To be the gentle observer of thoughts, reactions, and triggers I had toward someone on a different path and outlook than me.

I truly believe that everyone who comes into our lives does so for a reason. Even if it’s to simply help us get clearer on, okay, this is what I don’t want; now I know even better what I do want. (And thus, the manifestation of it becomes even stronger).

So I finished my wine. And here’s the thing: it would have been so easy for me to pretend I’d had a great time. Maybe even give a “Yeah, I’d like that” when he asked if he could take me out again, and then just deal with it later. Deal with the difficult conversation, the confrontation, the truth that this just isn’t what I want.

Or, I could speak my truth, knowing that if this isn’t a match with what I want, I have a responsibility to speak up. Not because it’s the “right thing to do” (although it is, and honesty always feels better even when it’s difficult).

Because the Universe puts these lessons in front of us to see what we’re going to do:

>> Are you going to settle?

>> Are you going to be okay with the status quo?

>> Are you going to go along with a lukewarm experience in love, life, business, success, money?

All of it’s connected, because how you do anything is how you do everything.

>> So what do you do when you know in your bones that it’s not what you want?

>> Do you put up with it anyway? Tolerate the not-quite-aligned-but-good-enough?

>> Or do you step up and speak your truth—not only to yourself and to whoever else is involved, but to the Universe?

The truth that you are unavailable for anything that is not a match for what you want.

When you settle, you send a message that you’re okay giving up on what you really want.

The truth?

You’re worthy of it all.

It’s safe to turn down “good enough” to make space for “better than I ever imagined.”

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