September 22, 2020

Can we Hold Space for Both the Light & Dark?

Can we hold
the polarity
of light and dark?

can we be with
both and not
make one wrong?

polarity is god’s
way of speaking
through the light
and the dark.

goddess emerging
in flesh,
from darkness,
as a seed
of truth planted.

we can blossom,
and wither,
at the same time.

we can laugh,
and grieve,
in the same moment.

we don’t get
to pick one;
we don’t have to.

all of it
is here
and a part
of it.

being remembered.

step back
from it all,
but give
permission to
feel it,
taste it,
be with it

even when it hurts;
and when it heals.

we are not separate
from it,
the good,
the bad,
all in judgment
of mind.

we get to
feel it all.
even when
it doesn’t
feel good.

external circumstance
changing on a dime.
oscillating back
and forth.

but moving
beneath our wings,

let them grow…
let them find
their beating pulse,
of darkness,
in darkness,
back into light.

we expand,
we constrict.

holds no bounds,
just union
of source,
eternal flame
of god colliding
into one.

you came here
to unfurl
into one,
by knowing two…


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Read 2 comments and reply

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