October 6, 2020

Dear 80-Year-Old Me.


I don’t know you, but I know you know me.

It’s nice to meet you officially.

What are you up to these days?

Did your broken heart finally heal?

I hope so because I don’t know how many more articles on mourning the loss of two therapists and a partner I can write.

What have you enjoyed most about your life?

Who has made the biggest impact?

I know you’ll probably say your therapists and teachers, but I’m curious.

Did you publish that book?

Did you ever meet your future partner?

What did you end up doing for a career?

I’m sure you have helped many children.

I have a feeling you became both a psychologist and a writer. This is what o Mago in Rio de Janeiro said at least would happen.

I hope you were able to set down your anger eventually and move up and out of trauma.

I hope you remembered throughout your life that you’re never stuck.

I hope you learned to love yourself a bit more and held on tightly to the little girl inside you.

I hope you fought against stigma, continued to march for women’s rights, and helped move clinical psychology toward a more positive direction.

I hope you stopped ruminating on what was and leaned into the present, even if difficult to do.

I hoped you continued to grow your international family and embraced all the love that surrounded you.

I hope you’re smiling tonight as you reflect back on a life well-lived.

I hope one day we get to meet.







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Read 7 comments and reply

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