October 1, 2020

Hold your Inner Child Close through Change. {Poem}

Burning desire,
Underneath pockets
Of fear.
To be free.
To liberate
The self back
Into love.

It’s okay
To feel afraid
Of the burning,
The transforming,
The changing,
The melding,
The molting.

Fear is a gateway
Back to self,
Back to power.
We can walk
Hand in hand
With it.

No need to
Shame it,
Or judge the inner
Child with harsh
Of how they
Should feel
Or act different.

First we acknowledge,
Second we love,
And learn
That this part
Needs our love
The most.

No other love,
Or rescue
Will do.

Heals the self,
And allows
For change
To be sweeter
For the soul
That is
Not afraid
Of letting go.

So we hold on,
And we let go.
Both are possible.

Hold onto the
Child within
With great

Let go
Of the judgment
Of self,
And release
All that isn’t
Ours to carry.

Be sweet,
Be gentle,
Be kind
To the child
Who only
Needed permission
To be how
They naturally were,
And change
When they needed
To as well.

Lean into a
Well of sweet love
Your own hands.


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Read 7 comments and reply

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