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October 29, 2020

It is the perspectives we place that creates good or bad

To see clearly we must see in love and full perspectives, or we are blinded to ever see true beauty. What my dream is.. is to be seen as a full human, not a human that you only come for one thing or look. My yoga and person never changes cause of what I wear. Your thought tells you about who you are. I only change because of my thoughts too. Im tired of a world of hurt people hurting people. I’m tired of the world judging us for our externals and missing the magnificence within or hardwork. I am so much more, as you are and I do not understand why we cannot see this, when we all don’t want to be judged. But, instead we continue to box each other into labels and numbers and limiting the world within us and outside us. This is why I share so many versions of me and looks. I am not selling you a being or a way, I am vulnerably sharing a human and her experience. This is hard to share parts that people make good or bad. This is hard being judged and made into something I am not. This is hard trying to heal with my own shame and then receive more shame from others placed on it. It’s hard the world saying it’s way is the only way, not seeing there is not just good or bad or it’s way. I hope when people see me they see a human walking side by side them imperfect but sharing in hope it helps another not to service their needs through me, but to help them service their own needs through them and find their best self and life. I am not selling a body part or angles or views or certain experience/service, fitness or Yoga like the culture today. I am giving you the window to my existence, my soul and heart, a real human in all her versions and facets that you would see if you knew her in person. I am sharing with you pain, love, heartbreak, growth, my mistakes, my hopes, my dreams, my body in and out of clothes, my movements, my thoughts, my soul. All in hope I can help others to see we are all neutral, just like a flower and it is the perspectives we place that creates good or bad or all the other labels we use, as well as how we respond to everything and use it, that creates kindness, healing and love or fear, hate and suffering.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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