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October 20, 2020

Lustrous Love {a poem}

My cold limp body is bare
Left behind waves far traveled
Like sediment I lay for the Earth to wear

Not dull of ore, iron, or steel
A shine of magnesium, titanium
Or reflective akin aluminums glare

To see Nature’s beauty circled around
Absorbed a superb conductive force
Thus be reflected outward to ground

My doubts unsung
Fears embedded
Those worries held tight

The past enfeebled an ability to give
Layers reveal, not what once was considered
Mica discovered by thoughts they might

Dispel the lies that flitter off my tongue
Their fingertip enticing my hair to the side
Sweeping outward coaxing my cheek to hide

In the gape of their open palm
My face held in their vehemence
They offer me kindness await as I decide

In frozen time I gaze upward
Shaken a vibration shudders down my spine
Able to meet their illustrious projection 

The remains of what settled
Awaken the humming frequencies unknown
Shatter down my walls of protection

A sign of the divine
When my whole being becomes alive
More than 5 senses relay to me

Wisdom felt in connection
Plugged in from beyond
Their invite dangling, I accept wholeheartedly

The moment speeds up
No longer tied to gravity’s pull
Rock transformed now weightless 

Like reverse rain what once was solid
two beings culling a journey abreast
crumbled pasts transformed in their willingness

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Read 8 comments and reply

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