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October 7, 2020

This Birthday Optimism Is Going To Be My Guiding Light And Here’s Why It Should Be Yours Too!

I am certainly excited about my birthday like every year which is coming after two days, on October 10th. Everything is getting back on track gradually but the pandemic is showing no signs of receding so far. We all have now accepted this new normal as part of our lives. With some newly-formed habits of cleaning hands and surfaces more often and wearing masks, the world is same with a few changes in sight.

Every year, on my birthday, I make a list of things or qualities that I wish to incorporate in my life with time. This year, if there is one thing that I would love to embrace totally, for all my life is – optimism- seeing good in every situation. I know this ain’t that easy, it takes time and courage, one needs to put in a lot of thought and effort to reach there yet I say it is a powerful tool to deal with uncertain times in life.

You can implement it anywhere, from personal life to public place, optimism always wins over every other thing. It can never leave you in despair. It in fact brings you out of dejection; all you need to do is just take deep breaths and meditate for a few minutes. Optimism in simple words is nothing but the rare sight that you develop, over time, to see good in everything. October is my birthday month and 2021 is still three months away! I have already started my practice of positive affirmations, making optimism my guiding light.

I wish to share this guiding light with the world also. This is a very powerful belief system, it boosts self-confidence and love for the people and world around us. Thus, this birthday I am embracing this one habit/quality of staying hopeful and positive about the things around me. And I hope you all reading this will also try and incorporate the one major quality in our lives to lead a happy and cheerful life.

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