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October 31, 2020

What is Balance? (it’s all about your feelings that affect your mind and body)

Balance to some people is taking time to do yoga or some other activity that is enjoyed.  That’s how it started for me.  I did my hobbies when I wasn’t working, eating or sleeping.

I realized now looking back, that’s not really what makes someone balanced, although it can be part of the solution.  It’s really more about the state of mind you are in. 

Are you irritated or angry?  Are you worried or anxious about something?  Are you constantly tired from certain aspects about your life?  These are the triggers that show imbalance.  You can tell most easily by your outward self, otherwise known as Your Body.  …Are you in optimum health?  Do you have any pain?  Are you over or underweight?  Do you have new gray hairs? Does your skin break out? This is how imbalance shows up.

Before then, it starts out in the mind.

For example, I know that when I have a pimple on my face, it usually is caused from stress.  For me it could be from overworking or something not working out right.  Then you witness how you react to different situations that you are confronted with in the day.  Is this how a balanced YOU free of stress would react?

The best thing is to slow down and catch yourself in the moment.  Act as though there is a mirror in front of you so you can watch yourself in the act.  And to be fair, it’s pretty easy to be “imbalanced”.  Most of us are out of balance when we have a zillion things going on.  If you’re in a busy metro area, like I am, it’s very easy for the imbalance to skyrocket off the charts.  So don’t feel bad is actually the first thing.

The next thing is to figure out what your imbalance is.  Then once you know what it is (like you’re worried, anxious, irritated, or sluggish to respond…can’t get out of bed?), you can very naturally remedy it back to balance.  It’s actually not that hard for the willing and desired person who wants to get there.

If you still haven’t figured out your imbalance and you are sure you are, here’s another way…  I call it “The Perfume Test”.  You can do this with food or spices too if you are a cook. But let me describe how it works. First, pull together these scents (or foods): an orange, vanilla, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, eucalyptus (like an evergreen tree).  I know this sounds silly and very experimental… but it actually works! Smell each one of the scents, one by one.  Then decide which is most appealing to you.  If it’s orange or vanilla, you are most likely anxious or worried.  If it’s jasmine or rose, you are most likely irritated or angered.  If it is eucalyptus, then you are tired.

In a nutshell, your body seeks what you need.

It will call scents or foods that would be good for you or what it thinks it craves for.  In the same way there are certain forms of exercise and music/sounds that would be better for you.  If you are anxious/worried, try listening to jazz or the new age Enya music (that is without a regular beat).

Also, try an exercise class that has variety and unpredictable moves. If you are irritated/angered, listen to classical or relaxing instrumental music. Stay away from hot steam or hot yoga, but instead jump in the pool or go ice skating if you like it.

If sluggishness is your problem, then listen to heavy rock-n-roll and do some cardio exercise to get the blood flowing.  Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t take the time to figure out what they need.  They just do the same routine or sadly, nothing at all.

I learned about balance like it was a science because it fascinated me.  It then became second nature to me.  Along my journey I found that not only did I innately understand my balanced self, but also how to control my body reacting to triggered desires like eating. This could be the best thing for some people if they really want to make the change.

We know that personal change and transformation is possible and up to you.  In 2020, everywhere you search there’s talk about the a mind-body connection, and how the brain has plasticity (the ability to change).  We now know the body is impacted by your thoughts and that the body cells remember.  That’s why you can not do yoga for months or years, and your muscles remember each pose.

We have all this information at our fingertips.  In my figuring out balance days, we operated out of limited knowledge.  In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, you had self-help books, shows like Oprah, and going to the library to research on microfiche machines.  How quickly things have changed.

 Namaste dei.

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