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November 11, 2020

A Universe Full of Endless Opportunities

‘’Activate your hidden talents’’

Your wisdom and hidden talents are within you. Remember your talents they made you to believe you didn’t have, activate them to be free!

There is a true force guide inside you. You actually know what to do and how to interrelate it. Be free from your unnecessary burdens, worries, fear of you cannot achieve, and fuss you cannot perform.

Just use your mind and heart in the new world order. Don’t let anyone fake up you to a lifestyle you don’t deserve to be in a full of failures. Keep it novel and trust in divine justice.

As Mohab Ayoub, I know, you are quite stressed these days, because you believe everything should happen right away, but you forget that everything occurs at the perfect time.

Learn to relax and breathe in any situation. Take it easy… You don’t need to stress about things that you can’t control. Being impatient is the result of overthinking and negative thoughts.

Once you put your energy to enterprise or business, take time to reap the benefits. You no longer need to rush and fill yourself with anxiety. I know you want results to get quickly, but there is a timing for process stage too.

What you want or the goal you desire to achieve will eventually come to you. Everything you want, already done and its seed is planted.

Do not block yourself with feelings of anxiety, fear, insecurity and impatience. Life is perfect and timing is life’s best friend. Focus on the process and all your talents will show up at the right time, it will sprout like a spring flower, everything has a ripen stage.

When you decide on a goal or feel a strong, clear intensity of emotion about what you would like to do, the energy begins to move within you.

It is really important to know what you want and to be clear in order to be peaceful and to be able to continue your life with health.

One of the mind tricks people are exposed to is the magnification of the problems, the losing power of the present and locking in negativity.

In order to solve the event, it is necessary to look the matter from outside. Now I will give you a topnotch  solution. When you feel helpless and stuck and can’t solve your problems, find a mentor that has solved his issue and you trust in his point of view.

Ask yourself, “If he were the one who got through this matter, how would he solve this problem and what would he do?”

Be sure to try this technique. It will be fully useful about which great solutions will come to mind.

Thank you to realize that changes start within you!

Believe in yourself, even though no one believe in you.

Remind yourself; opportunities without action is a daydream.

Thank you the one who sees opportunities by taking action and improve his vision.

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