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November 10, 2020

Awareness and Accountability

Awareness is nothing without accountability.
We all get excited about New Years resolutions, a self help book or course but when we do not put in the work we do not get the results. We have to show up and do the hard work. No coach, program or self book will change our life without it we are the catalyst our hero. Truth is you are the only one who gets to change your life. You will not experience change if you do not to commit to the process and change….that is the cold hard truth. Give yourself the love and kindness when you are stuck and then step into the willingness to commit to the change. The biggest challenge is we often commit to the stories of excuses or regrets or cants or shoulds or woulds and then we don’t take accountability and use our own power, failing at what we want to change…Try this: Write down the commitments and all you want to do and then identify the stories you commit to that stop you creating the change. E.g. I am committed to not committing to exercising for a whole year because I get pissed off when I do not get the results I want and miss a few days and feel like a failure, so why bother anyway. When we become aware of our stories, we learn to understand our subconscious so it can stop stopping us and we can commit to the journey with awareness, not the stories that limit us.

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