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November 5, 2020

How to Create Strech Income Goals and Stay in Alignment (Hint: You Deserve It!)

Are some of your goals so big, you’re talking yourself out of them? 


For example…you set a goal of 20k a month, which is way more than you’ve ever made, and you start to hear that little voice. You know, the one that says things like, “There’s no way. I don’t see how I can possibly make that happen!” 


When this happens, it’s a sign you need to get out of your head and into your heart. Then, you can connect with the source of inspiration, intuition, and divinity which lives within each of us. Your heart is a powerful magnetic field, much more powerful than your brain.


How do you know if you’re out of your heart and hanging in your head? Often, when we’re in our heads, fear is present. And when we’re in fight or flight mode we can’t see the big picture. We zoom in and are focused only on what’s right in front of us.


So, how you feelin’? Sexy and abundant, or scared and shrinking?


No judgement. 


Most of our relationships with money revolve around stress and anxiety, we are also mostly living from scarcity in our minds. In this place, we limit our view of what’s possible and can’t envision what we can create. While we may want our decisions to be aligned with abundance, It’s really common for decisions made under stress to be aligned with scarcity instead. Then, it becomes self-limitation versus infinite possibilities. 


When you stretch yourself and make money goals that are bigger than you’ve ever made, it may seem impossible. You have no idea how you’re going to get there. You begin to doubt it’s going to happen. What’s necessary then is to neutralize the numbers so they are just numbers to you. Once you’ve made an impossible goal real, you’ll probably begin to see it as easy to do again. Those numbers that were once scary now seem totally reasonable.


So, to get yourself into alignment with a new goal you must challenge your beliefs from a place of receptivity. This will get you to a place where those numbers don’t seem bigger than you… they’re just neutral objects.


Let’s examine what making money brings up for you at first glance. What does your brain associate with the biggest monthly income goal you can think of?  


Some possible answers might be, “Well, only bad people make money. They step all over everyone else to get what they want.” Or, “Making money is really hard work!” Or, “You have to be lucky to make a lot of money.”


It’s important to take steps toward challenging the beliefs you have about each of these different aspects of money. First, it takes actively shifting any fears or beliefs that aren’t in alignment or just don’t feel good. The key is to feel into what it means to you to be on the other side of the thing you desire before you have it. The more you can sit with those amazing feelings, the wider your lens becomes. With this “fisheye lens,” you will now be able to see opportunities, resources, ideas, and inspiration you might not have seen before. Remember, fear has narrowed your view so much you can only see the thing you’re afraid of. 


It might feel like a big exhale and release. No more worries about money coming from just one place! Now, you don’t have to focus on that one person who might buy a program. You can just know if money doesn’t come from her, it’s going to come. Period. It’s not your job to outline how. 


How can you feel like this right now?  


The more you can get into this feeling of receptiveness, the more magnetic you become. When you can do this, you have truly gotten out of your head and into your heart. You’ve opened yourself up to receive more and you’ve just raised your frequency. That higher elevated frequency makes a bigger magnetic field around you, attracting the exact solutions you’ve been craving.


Now, lean back and watch it roll in. 

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