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November 20, 2020

YOU are the power and the KEY to Life and your deep connection within

The only constant I have in life is my breath and the power to choose, how I respond that creates the magic. Being human is interesting and funny to me.
We’re born in these physical vessels or body suits and if we don’t remember who we are, then we just listen to what the world says about who we are. Year after year we move further from our truth as we begin to believe all the things are not true about ourselves.
We are also given this super power breathing and Inhaling more of who you are and exhaling more of who you are not, but nobody teaches us this until it is almost too late and for some it is too late.
Socities definition of power is more money, more status, numbers and looks all things other than breath. Yet all those that have achieved society success, have still not found their power. We end up with clubs like the 27 club with Kurt Kobain and Amy Winehouse for example gone too early. Or Robin Williams, Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain lost in pain and gone before we know why even with success by society standards achieved.
But power is really who you are. I hope society will start teaching this soon. Teach us about deeply being rooted in ourselves and not letting the outside world control us.
If I can give one piece of advice to all I meet here and for all who are suffering and have suffered please know you are the power, your breath is your key and life It’s about being so deeply connected to yourself that you don’t give a two hoots about anything outside of YOU that will take you away from you. Instead you will let it go so you can shine your light in truth. In turn you will be so rooted in love for your gift of you, you know when you do this this is what the world needs, this is what helps your world change and in turn our world heal and become a kinder and more beautiful place.

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