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December 17, 2020

Body Positive – We are more than a Body

If we really wanted to be a body positive society and rise against shame, judgement and objectifying. We would not hold anyone’s body shape as an ideal. Nor would we shame someone for changing their shape or from an ideal or otherwise. 

No matter if we are a man or a woman the only constant is change in life. We are all born with a body and this body will evolve due to lifestyle factors, health, and our own choices.  But when we always bring attention to the bodies appearance for others and ourselves, we lose our power and again get stuck in construct of ideals, shame or judgement. This again creates a loss of self worth by focusing on our appearance rather than we are more than a body.

No one person at birth said…. ‘Give me this body.’  This body is given to us as a tool to experience the physical world. 

We cannot heal our own body image by judging, shaming, objectifying or pedestaling other bodies, no matter if they are similar to ours and make us feel not alone or different and the ideal we desire or non preferred for us.  We heal ourselves and create self love by seeing the value in ourselves and our own body, just as we are. 

Being body positive and having a good self image is not about appearance and if we are approved by society either ourselves or others in looks. It is about being human and reclaiming ourselves from within and remembering we are more than a body. As well as acceptance of this truth….Humans come in all shapes and sizes. 

To be body positive it is about prioritising our experience inside of us over looks and the looks of others. It is about seeing our value and not comparing ourselves to another body we were never born to have and never will have.

Body positive is about, self love and self love is about our thoughts and internal kindness and how we speak to ourselves.  It is not about how we look or how others look. We are all more than our bodies. If our body image is founded in this truth…. that we are more than our body; than no ideal, shame or praise can change our worth because we are already worthy just as we are.

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