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December 4, 2020

How Do You Change A World Filled With Love-Me-Not Energy? Simple. Affirm It.

When you affirm that you can bring forth this change, of a world filled with more positivity and joy rather than of lower vibrations (of what I like to call love-me-not energies), this is when your heart listens.

And, when you commit to the conviction that simply states that it is truly now time for that change to occur, it is with your heart that you can affirm the following, to bring forth the changes your heart would like to see now:

I Am Divine Source Embodied and from this day forward I commit to seeing that this earth changes in a way that is in kindness conveyed to all.

That all are met with the nourishment their bodies need to sustain life. And, that all love-me-not energies subside, to become a world more closely associated with Source inside. 

I also commit to becoming the love each person I encounter needs.

And, by offering my heart as the balance of being the love I know is needed in this world, I open other hearts to being the same offering, as well.

Thank you.

Each heart will come forward, once you affirm the above.

Now you can also make an affirmation to finely tune what it is, exactly, that you would like to envision as the changes you would like to see in your world.

Affirm the following:

I intend to set forth the energy, today, to clear all past and lingering belief systems that are no longer needed now. 

I know that many will feel the abrupt dispersal of this old energy leaving. I ask for positive energy to enter the void, where these false, and no longer needed beliefs were stored and now removed. 

I would like to see people that are (fill in the blank here — examples: grateful, appreciative, kind, compassionate, peaceful, giving, respectful, happy, joyous, content, heartfelt, friendly, helpful, passionate, trustworthy, truthful, honest, authentic, genuine, loving, etc.). 

I would also like to resolve all lingering negative belief systems, programming and patterns of (fill in the blank here — examples: porn, greed, envy, jealousy, abuse, anger, violence, rape, aggression, control, manipulation, narcissism, mental illness, demeaning, belittling, racism, gender biases, egoic actions, substance abuse, neglect, lack, vanity, etc.) now. 

Lastly, I ask for all those that I love to be present in my days. I also ask to energetically shower these others, with an energy so pure and of the heart, that will help bring balance, in the coming days, as my affirmations come into reality. 

Thank you.

You are well on your way to being that one energy that brings forth the grand changes that you wish to see in your own world!

As you progress, others you come in contact with, will too set forth their own changes.

When one commits to a heartfelt action, to make changes for the betterment of the world, and with the intention to make it one filled with more love, this love is broadcast to the many you come into connection with. And, without them even knowing, they themselves will also seek similar routes to a better world for themselves, and all in it too.

So, while others may scoff at one person not being enough to bring forth changes of great magnitude, know that they scoff because they have not yet met their hearts, or manifested changes for themselves or others inside it.

Speaking from a heartfelt space, as a person that has endured much, and also brought forth similar changes in her own world, know that you can do this! And, while what you believe in is not as important in manifesting grand change, it is that you believe, that is! As it is this belief, coupled with your hearts conviction that makes it possible for the energy to support the changes requested.

This is how miracles can come into being.

Sending you much love and light into your days ahead.

May your world become one that is not only filled with more positivity and joy, but void of all lower love-me-not energies that exist to keep this world in the egoic throws of being.


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