December 8, 2020

Live with care. Be carefree. Be. ~ Waylon H. Lewis

Words to live by?

My new book is coming out. Here’s an excerpt.

I’d go with Emerson, or Whitman, or a Buddhist guru over any trite advice I might have to offer. But:

Work with excellence. Laugh often. Love gently. Fail with curiosity. Read with fervor. Study heroes devoted to being of benefit. Ask questions. Be quiet. Listen. Listen. Speak up. Be brave. Dance and sing regularly. Travel responsibly. Don’t do plastic. Don’t eat animals. Bike, walk, ride before you drive. Support friends. Support causes. Support craft. Support local. Meditate each morning; meditate each evening. Reach out to enemies. Learn from mistakes. Don’t repeat them. Enjoy real food. Honor nature. Enjoy gaps in your busy-ness. Live with care. Be carefree. Be.


[Excerpt from Waylon Lewis’ 2nd book, It’s Never too Late to Fall in Love with Your Life]

The above is an excerpt from Waylon H. Lewis’ forthcoming book, It’s Never too Late to Fall in Love with Your Life: Practical Buddhist advice for Everyday Life. It’s 108 quotes, with commentary. Pre-order it here and save $5.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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