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January 25, 2021

Everyday Magic

This morning I woke up at 4am like I do every Monday. Today I wasn’t “feeling it.” I was cold and tired and just wanted to stay home and curl back up in my bed. The moment I stepped outside I looked up at the sky and saw the Little Dipper. A moment later I saw a shooting star. Two days ago My daighterasked me if I have ever seen a shooting star. I told her yes, but it’s been many many years and I would love to see another one. ?

I am pretty sure it wasn’t an accident that I looked up into the sky at that moment. I am pretty sure it was a little nod from above that all is well. It’s ok to have a moment of not “feeling it.,” it’s the moments afterward that matter. How long will you linger in that low vibration before you choose to make the choice to feel better. We are constantly being given opportunities to see the magic in everyday moments, but if we are too busy staying in our habits and routine, and never taking a minute to really open our eyes, we might never see them.
Today in yoga we talked about how spiritual growth doesn’t happen in yoga, at church, or during meditation. It happens in those difficult moments when we are frustrated, sad, or angry, and we realize we have another choice. We go to these places with our bodies so our minds can eventually catch up. We go to learn to tune ourselves to the frequency of our higher spirit, so we can recognize that familiar feeling and can turn to it in times of darkness when we need it most.

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