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January 23, 2021

Everything is neutral & we place our meanings on it that creates hate or love. Let’s choose love ❤

The world is a chaos of mixed messages, challenges & none of us have answers. I need you to know this, as the world doesn’t tell us enough that the way you flay your heart open to the world is brave. I often think it is funny how one pose, item of clothes or wrong word for someone here on social media changes the whole perspective on us. Yet for me at home all those things don’t matter or cause so much fear/chaos. I am loved/accepted and not segmented like online by these things. We as people don’t realise that we all grow up differently, it’s not right or wrong, just different ways of living and now on social we get the blessing of seeing it, without even experiencing it. But instead of observing and say wow, I didn’t know life was lived differently to me. We shame, judge and condemn. Yet what is contradictory is we all want to live our own unique path and wish the world would accept our differences more as we share them, but don’t accept others. We all forget this and we are all so contradictory as that’s part of being human. We are a million different things rolled into one and it doesn’t always make sense. Let us look at the messages we send out into the world between social media & life…. Yoga online people have misappropriated to porn and sexual but in person it is about spirituality and healing, it saved my life from depression. In the ancient culture it was for men only and they only wore a cloth.  We forget that everything evolves and it isn’t right or wrong, it is the way we advance as a culture. When we wear bikinis at beaches or swimming with our families/friends it is appropriate but on social media bikinis by YouTube and many is classified as soft porn & gets us shadow-banned. At some point we must see that our teachings are f$cked up and we have the responsibility/power to change them by changing ourselves by how we respond. What changes the world is not telling everyone else to change but changing ourselves and working on who we are and learning our conditioning and beliefs, so we can make ones more kind. Everything is neutral until we place our memories and teachings to it. You see one person has a perspective from their memories and teachings and someone else will have a different one with their teachings and memories & so on. Therefore what is universal truth is there isn’t really one truth; except everything is neutral and we place our meanings on it that creates hate or love. Let’s choose love ❤


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